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Worlds Without End Roll-Your-Own Reading Challenge

Choose Your Own Adventure Reading Challenge 2017

Choose Your Own Adventure Reading Challenge 2017

For this challenge, read four (or multiples of four) books that contain a common plot element. This would be a narrower focus than books that share a subgenre tag. Some examples and ideas to consider:

science--physics, astronomy, chemistry, etc.

mathematics--arithmetic, probability theory, etc.

philosophy--axiology, metaphysics, ethics, etc.

altered states--drugs, virtual reality, augmented reality, etc.

aesthetics--art, music, books, theater, etc.

entertainment--games, movies, athletics, etc.

How you interpret the challenge--and what commonality is shared by the books you choose--is completely up to you. Have fun and good luck!

*Disclaimer: This challenge has absolutely nothing to do with the Choose Your Own Adventure book series... except the cover art ;)

Challenge Details
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror
Challenge Span: July 2017 – June 2018

Reading Levels
Select your reading level below. You can adjust your level up or down at any time during the challenge.

 Foley = 4 books + 2 reviews
 Brightfield = 8 books + 4 reviews
 Packard = 12 books + 6 reviews
 Montgomery = 16 books + 8 reviews

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The Alchemy of Stone
The Cyberiad
The Humanoids
It Was the Day of the Robot
Killing Is My Business
Saturn's Children
Sea of Rust
The Soul of the Robot
The Stories of Ibis
Tin Men
Tower of Glass
War with the Robots


The Book of Speculation
Child of a Hidden Sea
City of Circles
The Gracekeepers
The Library at Mount Char
The Lonely Hearts Hotel
The Master of Whitestorm
The Red Tree
The Scar
We Are Here
The Wolf in the Attic


An Oath of Dogs
Brisk Money
The Bronze Skies
Code of Conduct
Gun, With Occasional Music
Head On
Killing Is My Business
The Last Policeman
The Man in the Tree
The Notting Hill Mystery
The Prefect
River of Teeth
Spin State
Standard Hollywood Depravity
Wolf Winter


An English Ghost Story
Burnt Offerings
Coldheart Canyon
The Elementals
The Ghost Hunters
The Grip of It
The Haunted
The House of Lost Souls
The House on Cold Hill
The Little Stranger
No One Gets Out Alive
The Secret of Crickley Hall
This House is Haunted
The Turn of the Screw
Wild Fell


Blood of Dragons
City of Dragons
The Dragon and the George
Dragon Blood
Dragon Bones
Dragon Haven
Dragon Keeper
Eon (The Two Pearls of Wisdom)
His Majesty's Dragon
Shadow Scale
Throne of Jade
Tooth and Claw
Voyage of the Basilisk:  A Memoir by Lady Trent