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Ashley McConnell


Highlander: Book 2

Ashley McConnell

For centuries the legendary sword has brought death and the Quickening. Now the sword has mysteriously been delivered into Joe Dawson's hands, with instructions that tell Dawson the secret society of mortals who have observed immortals.

Quantum Leap: The Novel

Quantum Leap: Book 1

Ashley McConnell

Convinced that a human can time travel within his own lifetime, Dr. Sam Beckett steps into his Quantum Leap accelerator and is transported into someone else's life.

Too Close for Comfort

Quantum Leap: Book 2

Ashley McConnell

When Dr. Sam Beckett leaps into the middle of a men's encounter group, circa 1990, and meets a younger Al, he risks destroying the Quantum Leap Project for all time.

The Wall

Quantum Leap: Book 3

Ashley McConnell

After leaping into the life of Missy, a six-year-old living in 1961 Berlin, Dr. Sam Beckett must watch helplessly as the Berlin Wall is erected but becomes empowered when he leaps into the body of the adult Missy.


Quantum Leap: Book 4

Ashley McConnell

In 1993, at a New Mexico research laboratory, Dr. Sam Beckett and Admiral Al Calavicci embark on an experiment in time travel called Project Quantum Leap and find themselves battling a determined foe out to stop the project.

Random Measures

Quantum Leap: Book 7

Ashley McConnell

Sam embarks on a new time-hopping adventure that transforms him into a part-Native American bartender even as Al, back home, copes with the reappearance of one of his wives.

Stargate SG-1

Stargate SG-1: Book 1

Ashley McConnell

Colonel Jack O'Neill lives in retirement, one year after his interplanetary expedition to Abydos. But when a hostile force of aliens resembling the late Ra and his Chulakins invades Earth through the Stargate and kidnaps a female officer, O'Neill is called back to duty to lead a platoon back through the Stargate and eliminate this new threat. Back in Abydos, O'Neill is reunited with Egyptologist Daniel Jackson to help the team determine from which world through the Stargate this new danger originated from.

The Price You Pay

Stargate SG-1: Book 2

Ashley McConnell

The Stargate has been breached by the serpent god Apophis, whose legions threaten to overwhelm Earth in a brutal conquest. Only Colonel Jack O'Neill possesses the courage and cunning to lead an elite group of specialists through the Stargate to halt the invasion. If they fail, they risk being trapped in an alternate universe forever.

The First Amendment

Stargate SG-1: Book 3

Ashley McConnell

Colonel Jack O'Neill and his SG-1 team are about to show a reporter who has violated the security of the Stargate base that the success of this project will not be jeopardized for the sake of a headline-and that the truth can be far more dangerous than any outsider could ever imagine.

The Morpheus Factor

Stargate SG-1: Book 4

Ashley McConnell

On the world of P4V-837, the SG-1 team encounters a race of friendly natives. But the team begins experiencing hallucinations that grow darker with the passing hours-and become unwilling participants in a brutal conflict in which their subconscious minds have become the deadliest weapons of all.

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