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Rebecca Moesta

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Young Adult: Book 8

Kevin J. Anderson
Rebecca Moesta

Jake and Nog have hit the jackpot playing holo videogames in the Amusement Arcade. An alien named Kwiltek has offered them jobs helping him run remote-controlled mining operations on a distant planet where dull mining is turned into a thrilling video game. In the "gaming room, " teams of kids work together monitoring the operations by remote control, loading cargo and defending against the most frightening "threats" they've ever seen on-screen. "Now" Jake and Nog can show their stuff! Soon they're competing with other alien kids to see who can haul the most ore. It's the ultimate game -- "with pay!" Until the night Jake and Nog slip into the command center and see a roomful of screens displaying real-life images of a devastated world where desperate natives are under attack by fighters that look "very" familiar! Suddenly the game is over -- and the nightmare begins...

Heirs of the Force

Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights: Book 1

Rebecca Moesta
Kevin J. Anderson

When the empire died, they were born--Jacen and Jaina, a new hope for a New Republic. The young twins of Han Solo and Princess Leia are now 14-years-old and enrolled at Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy. Together with friends both old and new, the future heroes of an already legendary saga begin their training.

Exploring the jungle outside the Jedi Academy, twins Jacen and Jaina Solo discover the remains of a TIE fighter that went down during the first Death Star battle, and their plans to repair it are overseen by a stranded Imperial trooper.

Shadow Academy

Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights: Book 2

Kevin J. Anderson
Rebecca Moesta

Driven away from Luke Skywalker's Jedi academy for pursuing the Dark Side of the Force, former student Brakiss masters his dark powers, establishes the Shadow Academy for aspiring Dark Jedis, and plots to kidnap the Solo twins.

The Lost Ones

Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights: Book 3

Kevin J. Anderson
Rebecca Moesta

Reuniting with the street orphan Zekk while visiting their home on Coruscant, twins Jacen and Jaina Solo see how different they have become from their wild but talented friend, who is tempted by someone from the Dark Side.


Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights: Book 4

Kevin J. Anderson
Rebecca Moesta

With a new generation of Dark Jedi being trained at the Shadow Academy, Luke Skywalker decides that it is time for the young Jedi Knights of the New Republic to build their lightsabers, a task that brings both a growth in the power of the Force and deadly peril.

Darkest Knight

Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights: Book 5

Kevin J. Anderson
Rebecca Moesta

Visiting their friend Lowbacca on the Wookie home world to help him prepare his younger sister for a terrifying rite of passage, Jedi twins Jacen and Jaina confront dark Jedi student Zekk, who is raiding the Wookie computer center.

Jedi Under Siege

Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights: Book 6

Kevin J. Anderson
Rebecca Moesta

When an army of Dark Jedi and Imperial stormtroopers attack Luke Skywalker's Jedi academy, students Jacen and Jaina, accompanied by their master and friends, begin a desperate fight.

Shards of Alderaan

Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights: Book 7

Kevin J. Anderson
Rebecca Moesta

Setting off to the devastated Alderaan system in the hopes of salvaging a piece of the lost planet for their mother, twins Jacen and Jaina are surprised when a long-believed-dead enemy of their family returns for revenge.

Diversity Alliance

Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights: Book 8

Kevin J. Anderson
Rebecca Moesta

When a fellow Jedi student, who holds the key to a New Republic secret coalition, turns up missing, the young Jedi Knights race across the galaxy to find him and are forced to confront a deadly enemy.

Delusions of Grandeur

Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights: Book 9

Kevin J. Anderson
Rebecca Moesta

As the young Jedi Knights continue their search for Raynor Thul's father, they turn for assistance to a dangerous resource, the reprogrammed assassin droid IG-88, a fearsome bounty hunter that the young Jedis may or may not have under control.

Jedi Bounty

Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights: Book 10

Kevin J. Anderson
Rebecca Moesta

Lowbacca has left the Jedi academy and traveled to the planet Ryloth, headquarters of the Diversity Alliance, to see what the Alliance is really all about. On Yavin 4, Jacen, Jaina and the other young Jedi Knights have already discovered one truth about the Alliance--once you go to Ryloth, you either join, or you die. Lowie is in great danger, and they must rescue him. But what can a small group of humans do against a planet full of hostile aliens?

The Emperor's Plague

Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights: Book 11

Kevin J. Anderson
Rebecca Moesta

Bornan Thul's secret is out: he's protecting a deadly plague that could devastate the galaxy if released. And the evil Nolaa Tarkona--leader of the Diversity Alliance--knows where it is hidden. Now Jacen, Jaina and their allies must race against time. As a massive battle rages between New Republic soldiers and the forces of the Diversity Alliance, the young Jedi Knights must find and destroy the plague before it can be released.

Return to Ord Mantell

Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights: Book 12

Kevin J. Anderson
Rebecca Moesta

Han Solo's past is about to catch up with him. When he and the twins take the Millennium Falcon to Ord Mantell for a high-speed race, they meet a battle-hungry young woman wielding a light saber. Her name is Anja Gallandro, and she knows more about Han's history than he likes. But Anja Gallandro guards an even more devastating secret, a secret that could mean disaster for the entire Solo family...

Trouble on Cloud City

Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights: Book 13

Kevin J. Anderson
Rebecca Moesta

Lando Calrissian offer the twins a rare opportunity--a vacation on Cloud City. They jump at the chance, as long as their mysterious new friend Anja Gallandro can come along. Anja is happy to be included. But little do the twins know that they are actually helping Anja hatch her sinister plan. A plan that goes far deeper than simple revenge.

Crisis at Crystal Reef

Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights: Book 14

Kevin J. Anderson
Rebecca Moesta

Anja Gallandro planned to destroy the Solo family. But now she fights an intense inner battle--against her increasing spice addiction, and her growing friendship with Jacen and Jaina. In desperation for spice, she steals a ship and flees the Jedi academy. The young Jedi Knights follow her from the spice mines of Kessel to the dangerous beauty of Crystal Reef--where an even more sinister plan is hatching...

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