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E. C. Tubb

Kalin / The Bane of Kanthos

Ace Double Numbered Series

Alex Dain
E. C. Tubb


Many times, Dumarest's dream of Earth has almost cost him his life. As he journeys from world to world, restlessly moving outwards towards the edge of the galaxy where his goal lies, Dumarest must be alert, watchful. For there are new dangers - forces more powerful than man - which threaten his dream. On a planet where violence and superstition hold sway, Dumarest forges a bond with the prophetess Kalin. And now, more than ever, he needs her. Kalin. The mutant girl whose mysterious talent for seeing into the future has already saved him from Bloodtime on Logis, from space-disaster, from slavery on desolate Chron. Kalin. Who can foretell the terrors yet to come.

The Bane of Kanthos

Deep in the dark heart of the Amazon, adventurer Robert Lansing is hurled into an alternate world, a primitive place where Vikings rove the seas, magic abounds and wizards toil to release an ancient curse upon the inhabitants. Armed only with sword and shield, Lansing must defend the beautiful Princess Ilyana and battle a nightmare horror from another dimension. If he fails, all will be lost...

Recoil / Lallia

Ace Double Numbered Series

Claude Nunes
Rhoda Nunes
E. C. Tubb


The more the aliens tampered, the more inexplicable the human reaction.


Dumarest continues his restless wandering - combing the spaceways for an ancient and almost forgotten planet called Earth. Then, on a primitive world, he fights a giant mutant for the life of the lovely psychic Lallia - and wins a vital clue that could lead him to the end of his quest...

Technos / A Scatter of Stardust

Ace Double Numbered Series

E. C. Tubb


Dumarest has traced the lost planet of Earth to one remote corner of the galaxy, but he still lacks its precise co-ordinates. Somewhere on the cyber-dominated police-world of Technos lives the mysterious woman who can help him. And the only way to find her is to become a slave...

A Scatter of Stardust

Collection containing:

  • The Bells of Acheron - (1957) - shortstory
  • Anne - (1966) - shortstory
  • Return Visit - (1958) - shortstory
  • The Shrine - (1960) - shortstory
  • Survival Demands! - (1972) - shortstory
  • Little Girl Lost - (1955) - shortstory
  • The Eyes of Silence - (1957) - shortstory
  • Enchanter's Encounter - (1959) - novelette

The Winds of Gath / Derai

Ace Double Numbered Series

E. C. Tubb

The Winds of Gath

This is the tale of Earl Dumarest. Space-wanderer, gladiator-for-hire, seeker of Man's forgotten home. Dumarest's search begins on the ghost-world of Gath, where he becomes unwilling champion of the Matriarch of Kund, and must undergo a fight-to-the-death at stormtime. Victory could give Dumarest his first clue to the whereabouts of the planet he fled from as a child - an obscure world scarred by ancient wars, which lies countless light years from the thickly populated centre of the galaxy; a world no-one else in the inhabited universe believed exists. Earth, the birthplace of Man.


Still driven by his search for Man's fabled birthplace, Earl Dumrest accepts a commission to guard the Lady Derai, heiress to the proud House of Caldor, on the feudal world of Hive. On Derai's home planet, Dumarest had hoped to meet a living witness to Earth. But instead he finds himself in the lists of the deadly Contest on Folgone - with the Lady of Caldor as prize. And on Folgone, for the first time, Dumarest confronts the Cybers: ruthless, emotionless tools of a great Gestalt which holds the mighty of the universe in its grip - a power which may yet provide him with the key to his quest for Earth.

To Venus! To Venus! / The Jester at Scar

Ace Double Numbered Series

David Grinnell
E. C. Tubb

To Venus! To Venus!

S.O.S. from an analogue of hell.

The Jester at Scar

Scar: a harsh, inhospitable world with a vicious and shifting population of prospectors, drawn from every corner of the galaxy by rumours of a miraculous golden spore. To this violent planet come two more travellers, ready to try their luck among its lethal jungles: the cruel, mocking Lord of Jest - and Dumarest, driven by destiny on his endless search for Lost Earth...

Fear That Man / Toyman

Ace Double Numbered Series: Book 23140

Dean Koontz
E. C. Tubb

Fear that Man by Dean R. Koontz

The galaxy had forgotten war and evil-until the man without a past intervened.

Toyman by E.C. Tubb

They called their planet toy, but the games the toymen played involved the fate of worlds.

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