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Dean Koontz

Against Arcturus / Time Thieves

Ace Double Numbered Series: Book 990

Dean Koontz
Susan K. Putney

Time Thieves

"Mr. Mullion," one of the triplets said, looming up twenty feet away as Pete followed the smooth railing. He stopped, his heart racing, but he felt a break in the rail as he did so. He edged forward a foot or two and felt around with his boot until he discovered a step. In a moment, blood pounding in his temples, he was halfway down toward the lower level, taking two risers at a time, no matter what the danger of a fall. He heard the mechanical man start after him as he set foot on the cement floor.

Against Arcturus

It's the story of an Earth activist who's tagged for a subversion mission on a small planet off in the galaxy a ways. Seems that when Earth got overpopulated, humans set out for other planets to colonize, and now those planets are rival factions. The Arcturans are humans, too, but an offshoot who's presently at war with Earth. The small planet in question is resource-rich and quite desirable to both sides. Arcturus in presently in control, and Earth wants to be.

Dark of the Woods / Soft Come the Dragons

Ace Double Numbered Series: Book 13793

Dean Koontz


Blessed shalt thou be in the city, and blessed shalt though be in the field.
Thou shalt be blessed above all...

Our holy empire of the Alliance of mankind has fulfilled our destiny. Remember the many heroic humans who have died in conquering the stars for you. Therefore, do not let misguided sympathy toward inferior and conquered animals deter you from your inherent title of divine rulers of the universe. Do not lose this birthright by succumbing to the "attractions" of any alien creature. Remember the penalties imposed by the Supremacy of Man party for this transgression.

Our blessings be with you as you follow in the paths of your brothers and sisters. We have faith in mankind and we have faith in you. But, however, should you falter from the paths of righteousness, we have many willing hands eager to show you the error of your ways....


Mutilated, mutant by-products of America's "Artificial Wombs" created by attempts at producing human weapons...

An American team of doctors sent to China to combat the runaway ultimate in biological warfare...

The genetically mutated daughter of LSD users, hiding her powers in order to survive society...

And Gabe, the vital, young man mistakenly locked in an antiseptic old-age ward...

The following stories are included in this book:

  • "Soft Come the Dragons" (1967)
  • "A Third Hand" (1970) [F&SF, Jan 1970]
  • "The Twelfth Bed" (1968)
  • "A Season for Freedom" (1977) - [revised and re-issued version of "Killerbot" (1969)]
  • "The Psychedelic Children" (1968)
  • "Dragon In the Land" (1969)
  • "To Behold the Sun" (1967)

The Fall of the Dream Machine / The Star Venturers

Ace Double Numbered Series: Book 22600

Kenneth Bulmer
Dean Koontz


When all the world's a stage, director Cockley will run it. If there was a single phrase that captured the public's attention more than any other in 1967, it was this one: "The Medium is the Message." Marshall McLuhan not only made a fortune with it, but established himself as a prophet and philosopher. When McLuhan says the printed word is doomed in our age of electronic communication, everyone listens. Somehow, no one seems to notice that McLuhan's own predictions are presented via the printed word and - by his own theories - are doomed from the start.

Still, it frightens me to think of a future where all artistic outlets are electronic, where all of life becomes an open, sterile, and public thing. In this novel, I have tried to shape a society that has advanced along the lines of the predictions in The Medium is the Message... and then advanced a little further - a little to far.

McLuhan says we are drawing - via electronics - together again into a Village Society. A quick look around at television, telephones, and the recorded messages of today's pop music groups makes this seem a reasonable statement. But what will follow this village stage? A Household society? And after that what will we have - and be?

This is not truly a horror story. Not Quite.


"Heard of you?" The princess spoke with a great weariness. "We hear about all the adventurers of the galaxy. So far all have failed. You will fail too. I know it--but I must go on trying to find the prince. When you are dead and scattered into atoms we shall find another strong man and try again."

"One day, perhaps, we shall succeed. Maybe you will, but I doubt it. You too will be destroyed like all the others."

With these words of confidence ringing in his ears, Big Bill Jarrett was sent out on an impossible journey--one he knew could kill him if he went, and would kill him if he didn't.

Fear That Man / Toyman

Ace Double Numbered Series: Book 23140

Dean Koontz
E. C. Tubb

Fear that Man by Dean R. Koontz

The galaxy had forgotten war and evil-until the man without a past intervened.

Toyman by E.C. Tubb

They called their planet toy, but the games the toymen played involved the fate of worlds.

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