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Full Spectrum

Full Spectrum: Book 1

Shawna McCarthy
Lou Aronica

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction - essay by Lou Aronica and Shawna McCarthy
  • Voices of the Kill - shortstory by Thomas M. Disch
  • This Is the Year Zero - shortstory by Andrew Weiner
  • Proselytes - shortstory by Gregory Benford
  • The Fort Moxie Branch - shortstory by Jack McDevitt
  • PrayerWare - shortstory by Jack Massa
  • Mannequins - novelette by Charles Oberndorf
  • Moments of Clarity - shortstory by Elissa Malcohn
  • A Gift of the People - shortstory by Robert Sampson
  • The Last Rainmaking Song - shortstory by Jeff Mariotte
  • Tinker to Evers to Chance - shortstory by Steven Bryan Bieler
  • The Farm System - shortstory by Howard V. Hendrix
  • Ghost Ship - shortstory by Walton Simons
  • Philippa's Hands - shortstory by Nancy Kress
  • Reflections in a Magnetic Mirror - shortstory by Kevin J. Anderson and Doug Beason
  • Listening - novelette by Ronnie Seagren
  • My Year with the Aliens - novelette by Lisa Goldstein
  • Oz - shortstory by Lewis Shiner
  • Dead Men on TV - shortstory by Pat Murphy
  • Once in a Lullaby - novelette by Fred Bals
  • My Imaginary Parents - shortstory by Terry L. Parkinson
  • Bible Stories for Adults, No. 17: The Deluge - shortstory by James Morrow
  • Beyond the Seventh Sphere - novelette by Aaron Schutz
  • Magister Rudy - novelette by Richard Grant
  • The Thing Itself - shortstory by Michael Blumlein
  • Journals of the Plague Years - novella by Norman Spinrad

Full Spectrum 2

Full Spectrum: Book 2

Lou Aronica
Amy Stout
Pat LoBrutto
Shawna McCarthy

Ranging from the unforeseen consequences of an angelic invasion (Robert Sampson's "A Plethora of Angels") to a poignant last visit by a modern-day Frankenstein's monster to its former home (Alan Rodgers's "Frankenstein Goes Home"), the 27 original stories in this collection provide a varied sampling of some of the best writers in speculative fiction. Contributions by established authors including Vonda N. McIntyre, Patricia A. McKillip, David Brin, and Greg Bear as well as new authors David Cleary, Joseph Gangemi, Marcos Donnelly, Deborah Million, and Mike Kallenberger testify to the continued strength of the genre. -- Library Journal

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction (Full Spectrum 2) - essay by Lou Aronica
  • 'Saurus Wrecks - shortstory by Edward Bryant
  • Whistle - shortstory by Jack McDevitt
  • Attitude of the Earth Toward Other Bodies - shortstory by James Sallis
  • Malheur Maar - shortstory by Vonda N. McIntyre
  • The Boy in the Tree - novelette by Elizabeth Hand
  • All Our Sins Forgotten - shortstory by David Ira Cleary
  • The Painted Man - shortstory by Joseph Gangemi
  • A Plague of Strangers - shortstory by Karen Haber
  • The Giving Plague - (1988) - shortstory by David Brin
  • Re: Generations - novella by Mike McQuay
  • Silver - novelette by Steven Spruill
  • As A Still Small Voice - shortstory by Marcos Donnelly
  • Then I Sleeps and Dreams of Rose - shortstory by Deborah Million
  • A Plethora of Angels - shortstory by Robert Sampson
  • Strange Attractors - shortstory by Lori Ann White
  • Barbara Hutton Toujours - shortstory by Gay Partington Terry
  • The Gamemaker - novelette by Carolyn Ives Gilman
  • An Excerpt from The Confession of the Alchemist Edward Dee, Who Was Burnt in the City of Findias on the Planet Paracelsus, 1437 PIC (Post Imperial Colonial Period) - shortstory by Michaela Roessner
  • The Doorkeeper of Khaat - shortstory by Patricia A. McKillip
  • Dogs Die - shortstory by Michael Kallenberger
  • Rain, Steam and Speed - shortstory by Steven Popkes
  • Close to Light - shortstory by Charles Oberndorf
  • Shiva - shortstory by James Killus
  • Sleepside Story - (1988) - novella by Greg Bear
  • Frankenstein Goes Home - shortstory by Alan Rodgers
  • The Edge of the World - shortstory by Michael Swanwick
  • The Part of Us That Loves - novelette by Kim Stanley Robinson

Full Spectrum 3

Full Spectrum: Book 3

Amy Stout
Betsy Mitchell
Lou Aronica

Ursula K. Le Guin and Poul Anderson are the best known of the 22 talented contributors to this diverse and richly imaginative collection, the third in a series of speculative fiction anthologies.

In "Desert Rain," Mark L. Van Name and Pat Murphy give a high-tech variation on the familiar relationship triangle: a man named Jeff, a woman named Teresa and a prototype of a computerized home management system named Ian, a caring kind of guy who could "steal your heart."

In Wolfgang Jeschke's "Loitering at Death's Door" (translated from the German), coming back from the dead isn't all it's cracked up to be, when Kristos Katsuranis returns as a "really lousy copy" of his former self.

An Afrikaner realizes what it means to be black in South Africa when he becomes invisible to other whites in Michael Bishop's "Apartheid, Superstrings, and Mordecai Thubana."

In Ted Chiang's "Division by Zero," a brilliant mathematician's world begins to crumble when she discovers she can prove, irrefutably, that one equals two.

The people of Earth learn a lesson in humanity when they detect a sign of life on another planet: an SOS from "alien, but cute" beings, in Norman Spinrad's "The Helping Hand." -- Publishers Weekly

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction (Full Spectrum 3) - essay by Lou Aronica
  • Daughter Earth - shortstory by James Morrow
  • Dogstar Man - shortstory by Nancy Willard
  • Prism Tree - shortstory by Tony Daniel
  • Desert Rain - novella by Mark L. Van Name and Pat Murphy
  • Precious Moments - shortstory by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  • Lethe - novelette by Peg Kerr
  • Lake Agassiz - shortstory by Jack McDevitt
  • Transfusion - shortstory by Joëlle Wintrebert (trans. of Transfusion 1988)
  • The Dark at the Corner of the Eye - shortstory by Patricia Anthony
  • Tracking the Random Variable - shortstory by Marcos Donnelly
  • Division by Zero - shortstory by Ted Chiang
  • Matter's End - (1989) - novella by Gregory Benford
  • Newton's Sleep - novelette by Ursula K. Le Guin
  • The Helping Hand - shortstory by Norman Spinrad
  • Fondest of Memories - shortstory by Kevin J. Anderson
  • Loitering at Death's Door - novelette by Wolfgang Jeschke (trans. of Nekromanteion 1985)
  • Rokuro - shortstory by Poul Anderson
  • Police Actions - shortstory by Barry N. Malzberg
  • Black Glass - novelette by Karen Joy Fowler
  • Chango Chingamadre, Dutchman, & Me - shortstory by R. V. Branham
  • Apartheid, Superstrings, and Mordecai Thubana - (1989) - novella by Michael Bishop
  • Snow on Sugar Mountain - novelette by Elizabeth Hand
  • When the Rose Is Dead - novelette by David Zindell

Full Spectrum 4

Full Spectrum: Book 4

Amy Stout
Betsy Mitchell
Lou Aronica

The editors of Full Spectrum have gathered here original speculative fiction that is astonishing both in range and quality. From medieval sorcery to dystopian futures, from computer-generated virtual realities to space research outposts, from idol worship to scientific philosophy, the volume shows off the best of well-known (Stephen Donaldson, Ursula Le Guin) and not so well-known SF and fantasy authors.

Dave Smeds conjures a future where regeneration and eternal youth are made possible through biotechnology; his story tells what happens to a dysfunctional mother and daughter in a world where suicide is a hobby and murder a misdemeanor. A. R. Morlan's men and women have changed social roles due to a disease that has reduced male births to less than 15%. David Brin and L. Timmel Duchamp also weigh in with reproduction stories, Brin through a highly technical story of a future in which cloning has made men unnecessary, Duchamp through a tale of an infectious hermaphrodite from another world. The focus on women throughout and the general excellence of the stories should give this volume broad appeal. -- Publishers Weekly

Table of Contents:

  • Fragments from the Women's Writing - essay by Ursula K. Le Guin
  • Fragments from the Women's Writing - poem by Ursula K. Le Guin
  • Motherhood, Etc. - (1993) - novelette by L. Timmel Duchamp
  • The Saints - (1993) - shortstory by Bonita Kale
  • The Best Lives of Our Years - (1993) - shortstory by A. R. Morlan
  • Embodied In Its Opposite - (1993) - shortstory by John M. Landsberg
  • Foreigners - (1993) - shortstory by Mark Rich
  • The Googleplex Comes and Goes - (1993) - shortstory by Del Stone, Jr.
  • The Beauty Addict - (1993) - novella by Ray Aldridge
  • In Medicis Gardens - shortstory by Jean-Claude Dunyach (trans. of Dans les jardins Médicis 1986)
  • The Woman Who Loved Pigs - (1993) - novella by Stephen R. Donaldson
  • The Story So Far - (1993) - shortstory by Martha Soukup
  • Suicidal Tendencies - [Nanodocs] - (1993) - novelette by Dave Smeds
  • The Mind's Place - (1993) - novelette by Gregory Feeley
  • Ah! Bright Wings - (1993) - novelette by Howard V. Hendrix
  • Vox Domini - (1993) - novelette by Bruce Holland Rogers
  • The Erl-King - (1993) - novelette by Elizabeth Hand
  • The Death of John Patrick Yoder - (1993) - shortstory by Nancy Kress
  • Human, Martian - One, Two, Three - (1993) - novelette by Kevin J. Anderson
  • What Continues, What Fails ... - (1991) - novelette by David Brin
  • Roar at the Heart of the World - (1993) - shortstory by Danith McPherson

Full Spectrum 5

Full Spectrum: Book 5

Jennifer Hershey
Tom Dupree
Janna Silverstein

The fifth in a series of award-winning anthologies offers twenty-eight diverse, all-original stories by the genre's brightest new talents, including William Barton, Richard Bowes, Karen Joy Fowler, and Gene Wolfe.

Table of Contents:

  • Simply Indispensable - novelette by Michael Bishop
  • The Insipid Profession of Jonathan Hornebom: (Hommage à Heinlein) - novelette by Jonathan Lethem
  • Evita, Among the Wild Beasts - shortstory by S. A. Stolnack
  • The Music of What Happens - novelette by Howard V. Hendrix
  • A Belly Full of Stars - shortstory by Michael Gust
  • Cool Zone - shortstory by Pat York
  • Of Silence and Slow Time - shortstory by Karawynn Long
  • The Breakthrough - shortstory by Paul Park
  • Shimabara - shortstory by Karen Joy Fowler
  • What Dreams are Made On - novelette by Mark Bourne
  • Which Darkness Will Come Upon Us? - shortstory by John M. Landsberg
  • Wonders of the Invisible World - shortstory by Patricia A. McKillip
  • Excerpt from the Third and Last Volume of 'Tribes of the Pacific Coast' - shortstory by Neal Stephenson
  • The Sixty-Third Anniversary of Hysteria - shortstory by Lisa Mason
  • When a Man's an Empty Kettle - novelette by William Barton
  • The Dead Eye of the Camera - shortstory by Jean-Claude Dunyach (trans. of Sous l'oeil mort de la caméra 1986)
  • Tale of the Blue Spruce Dreaming (Or, How to Be Flesh) - novelette by Jean Mark Gawron
  • The Question Eaters - shortstory by Tricia Sullivan
  • Homecoming - shortstory by Doug Beason
  • The Massive Quantities of Ice - shortstory by William John Watkins
  • Hearts and Flowers - shortstory by Lawrence Watt-Evans
  • Goddoggit - shortstory by Emily Devenport
  • Saving Face - shortstory by Andy Lane
  • Ruby - (1995) - shortstory by Alan Rodgers
  • Where the Shadows Rise and Fall - shortstory by Pat MacEwen
  • Fountains in Summer - shortstory by Richard Bowes
  • A Fruitful Harvest - shortstory by Lauren Fitzgerald
  • The Ziggurat - novella by Gene Wolfe