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The Gate of Ivory

Gate of Ivory: Book 1

Doris Egan

Theodora, a university student, finds herself stranded on the world of Ivory, without money, connections, or a ticket home. Ivorans, however, use magic as we use technology, and our heroine finds herself hired by a very nice-looking young man who's a major player in the field. He says he needs somebody to read cards for him. He didn't mention how dangerous it could get...

Two-Bit Heroes

Gate of Ivory: Book 2

Doris Egan

A thrilling new adventure of Theodora and Ran from the author of The Gate of Ivory. Drawn back to Ivory both by her love for Ran and her fascination with magic, Theodora leaves with Ran on an investigation for a noble family, and their mission gets them trapped between the Emperor's troops and a dangerous band of outlaws.

Guilt-Edged Ivory

Gate of Ivory: Book 3

Doris Egan

You marry into an Ivoran family, you have to accept your life is going to be complicated. Okay, your new sister-in-law has always been a little wild, but that's no reason she should be accused of murder. Or your husband either, dammit, and why is everyone looking at him that way? Don't they understand that he doesn't go around killing people? Or, well... not very often, anyway. In which our heroes turn detective to clear the family name.

Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn

The Mythago Cycle: Book 6

Robert Holdstock

A gifted scientist was documenting the wild and ancient world of Ryhope Wood until he disappeared into that vast forest. Now his eldest son attempts to find him by using his father's own journals, but is soon distracted from his search by unexpected feelings for a mysterious Celtic warrior-- a heroine who is none other than the key to the mystery of the universe. Now both father and son are caught in a fateful relationship in and through the forest and the legendary lands contained within it!