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Graffiti in the Library of Babel

David Langford

This short story originally appeared in the anthology Is Anybody Out There? (2010), edited by Nick Gevers and Marty Halpern. It can also be found in the anthology Year's Best SF 16 (2011), edited by David G. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer.

Read the full story for free on Halpern's blog.

Graffiti from the Subway of My Mind

Jack Nimersheim


  • The Pangaean Principle - (1993) - shortfiction
  • The Battle of All Mothers - (1993) - shortstory
  • The Maddening Time - (unknown) - shortfiction
  • One for the Road - (1992) - shortfiction
  • Thoroughly Modern Magic - (1995) - shortstory
  • Moriarty by Modem - (1995) - shortstory
  • The Best Laid Schemes - (1992) - novelette
  • 2101: A Space Oddity - shortfiction
  • Algorithm & Blues - shortfiction with Nicholas A. DiChario
  • All the Angles - (1994) - shortstory
  • Curtain Call - shortfiction


Dirk Strasser

Steven panics when he finds himself at the wrong station. Where is his train ticket and why isn't Aunt Vivien there to meet him?

People ignore him as he dodges and weaves through the crowded streets of Melbourne. He feels lost and alone, when he's suddenly confronted by a bunch of street kids who desperately need his help.

But time is running out for the gang. Can Steven help them... before it's too late?

Sinew and Steel and What They Told

Graff: Book 1

Carrie Vaughn

Pilot Graff has been keeping a big secret from his closest friends, the captain and crew of a pirate-hunting starship. He expected to die before they ever discovered what he really is. But he's not dead, and now he has to explain.

Originally published on 26 February 2020, read it for free at

An Easy Job

Graff: Book 2

Carrie Vaughn

Graff's official role is muscle for the Visigoth - but his personal mission is internally cataloguing all of his experiences to relay to the other beings from his home planet when they cross paths. His professional life rarely clashes with his identity, but when he realizes his newest mission is to take down one of his kind, everything becomes a bit less simple.

Originally published on 9 June 2021, read it for free at

Time: Marked and Mended

Graff: Book 3

Carrie Vaughn

Graff isn't quite human. His people move through the galaxy collecting memories and experiences, recording their lives and passing them on. Then, one day, he breaks: he discovers a chunk of his memory is missing. This should be impossible - he's never forgotten a moment in his life. Now, he has to learn to forget, and to remember, and this has consequences for all his people, his culture, and his whole world.

Originally published on 11 January 2023, read it for free at

Not the Most Romantic Thing

Graff: Book 4

Carrie Vaughn

On one of their earliest Visigoth assignments, Graff and Ell stumble into each other's secrets (and one significant surprise) while conducting a recovery mission on a mining asteroid scheduled for imminent pulverization...

Originally published on 11 October 2023, read the story for free at