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Cross the Stars

Hammer's Slammers

David Drake


Hammer's Slammer Don Slade is coming home to the planet Tethys, to his son and the woman he loves. But the space between is dark and cold. And the stars he must pass shine their light on planets which beckon to the weary traveler, planets which hold hidden dangers.

And if Don Slade should ever reach Tethys... that is when the real fighting starts.

Hammer's Slammers

Hammer's Slammers: Book 1

David Drake

Table of contents:

  • Intro: Mercenaries and Military Virtue by Jerry Pournelle
  • But Loyal to His Own
  • The Butcher's Bill
  • Under the Hammer
  • Cultural Conflict
  • Caught in the Crossfire (Caught in the Crossfire)
  • Hangman
  • Standing Down
  • Interludes: Supertanks, The Church of the Lord's Universe, Powerguns, Backdrop to Chaos, The Bonding Authority, and Table of Organization and Equipment, Hammer's Regiment (The Tank Lords, as Appendix) The Baen (1987) edition adds The Tank Lords

At Any Price

Hammer's Slammers: Book 2

David Drake

Col. Alois Hammer's indomitable Slammers are called in to support human colonists against a native uprising in this novel-length adventure. But even though the natives' off-world weapons are no match for the Slammers, their ability to teleport gives them a frightening advantage!

Table of contents:

  • At Any Price
  • The Interrogation Team
  • Code-Name Feirefitz

Counting the Cost

Hammer's Slammers: Book 3

David Drake

The hottest science fiction mercenaries of the decade are back, so why count the cost? The other guy is going to pay for it! Hammer's Slammers must win a two-front war while maintaining the civilian power structure against hordes of religious fanatics.

Rolling Hot

Hammer's Slammers: Book 4

David Drake

Colonel Hammer has only a mixed bag of recruits and battle-fatigued veterans to relieve a district capital that has to be rescued.

Rolling Hot is sure to follow the success of David Drake's Hammer's Slammers (nearly a million in print) and the bestselling tie-in adventure game.

The Warrior

Hammer's Slammers: Book 5

David Drake

Colonel Alois Hammer, Luke Broglie, Tess Kuykendall, and Slick Des Grieux, cogs in a killing machine, find themselves at the center of a potential bloodbath.

The Sharp End

Hammer's Slammers: Book 6

David Drake

A tough, battle-scarred survey team arrives on Cantilucca--a place ruled by gangs and guns where things apparently can't get any worse--seasoned professionals ready for violence and able to destroy anything except their own consciences.

Paying the Piper

Hammer's Slammers: Book 7

David Drake

Colonel Alois Hammer: to the galaxy, a legendary commander of mercenaries. To his troops, a leader who can be trusted to always back them to the hilt - and meet a payroll. When the situation on a planet has gone beyond desperate, it's time to call for Hammer's Slammers.

The Tank Lords

Hammer's Slammers Omnibus: Book 1

David Drake


COLONEL ALOIS HAMMER: He welded five thousand individual killers into a weapon more deadly than any other in the human universe. When a planetary government faces unfriendly natives, guerrilla insurgents, or ruthless terrorists, they do the only thing that might save them -- they hire Hammer's Slammers, the toughest, meanest bunch of mercs who ever wrecked a world for pay. Known throughout the galaxy for their cold, ruthless ferocity, the men of Colonel Hammer's indomitable armored brigade routinely accept impossible missions. Again and again, they go up against overwhelming forces, or fight a two-front war against ferocious opposition, all without atomizing their civilian employers. Can they keep doing it? Not if they abide by the rules of civilized warfare...but nobody ever said the Hammers were nice. Even when their chances are not good -- those who oppose them have no chance at all!

Caught In The Crossfire

Hammer's Slammers Omnibus: Book 2

David Drake

Mercenary leader Alois Hammer has created an armored regiment that wins battles--Hammer's Slammers. "Booklist" says "Drake's popular Hammer's Slammers series about futuristic mercenary tank troops . . . has produced some of the best in military science fiction".

This book contains two novels, "Counting the Cost" and "The Warrior", two short stories, and a completely new novelette, arranged in the order the author finds most satisfactory.

The Butcher's Bill

Hammer's Slammers Omnibus: Book 3

David Drake

They were the best mercenaries in the galaxy. They were Hammer's Slammers! "The Butcher's Bill" contains a novel, two novellas, four short stories, and a new novelette written for the collection, in addition to an Introduction by the author.