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Forgotten Worlds

Lost World-Lost Race Classics: Book 2

Howard Browne

Reed McGurn was an American pilot flying a Spitfire for His Majesty's Royal Air Force in WWII. His plane soared into battle in the death-filled skies over southern Germany. The action was fierce, and after a mid-air collision with a German fighter, McGurn's plane was sent hurtling to the ground. Only his plane never reached the ground--at least not the battle-scarred German landscape. With sure death leaping toward him, McGurn found his plane suddenly emersed in a wall of gray clouds--clouds that came seemingly out of nowhere. Moments later his plane crash-landed in a strange world filled with killer beasts and exotic vegetation. It was a world of ancient civilizations and lost races. A world in which McGurn soon found the love of a wild, yet beautiful woman. Unfortunately for him it was also a love that marked him for certain death.

The Citadel of Fear

Lost World-Lost Race Classics: Book 4

Francis Stevens

Two adventurers discover a lost city in the Mexican jungle. One is taken over by an evil god while the other falls in love with a woman from Tlapallan. Back in the states, the possessed man begins to use magic to mutate civilians. The other walks away, but the pair must duel in the end.

A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder

Lost World-Lost Race Classics: Book 5

James De Mille

Four sailors discover a copper cylinder containing a manuscript written by the adventurer Adam More, who was shipwrecked in the southern hemisphere. They read its contents out to one another, and the incredible story unfolds of his journey to a lost world which survives at the foot of a volcano. This strange utopian society, in which humans coexist with prehistoric animals, is the antithesis of Victorian England, as poverty is preferred to wealth and darkness to light.

The Purple Sapphire

Lost World-Lost Race Classics: Book 6

John Taine

It was a stone of wisdom and prophecy. For twelve years, the British Secret Service ransacked India for General Wedderburn's kidnapped daughter, Evelyn. They found not one trace of her. The General's search eventually led him to the Himalayas, where he found Captain Joicey, hospitalized, delirious, and badly burned. Joicey held the final clue to his daughter's whereabouts--a mysterious lead box inscribed in an ancient language with a huge purple sapphire inside.

Armed with this new knowledge, Wedderburn then enlisted the help of an adventurer and his niece for the final leg in his never-ending quest. So to the rim of Earth's last frontier they ventured, searching for a long lost girl and holding the sole key to a long forgotten civilization--a civilization that once knew more about science than any scholar in the modern world.

The Yellow God: An Idol of Africa

Lost World-Lost Race Classics: Book 8

H. Rider Haggard

One of the lost adventure novels of H. Ridder Haggard, The Yellow God: An Idol of Africa, is both a spell-binding mystery and an exotic, action-filled adventure. Sir Robert Aylward has a mysterious gold mask in his posession and to unlock its secrets will bring death!

Under the Andes

Lost World-Lost Race Classics: Book 9

Rex Stout

Lured by the legends of Inca gold, a beautiful dancer, Desiree Le Mire, and two brothers, Harry and Paul Lamar, enter a mysterious cave, the Cave of the Devil. What they don't realize is that others live there, protecting the gold of their ancestors; others, now misshapen after generations of living underground. No one who entered the cave ever emerged into daylight. That was why the natives and guides in the Andes stayed away. But no one who had entered was as beautiful as Desiree... or as determined as the Lamars.

Journey Into Limbo

Lost World-Lost Race Classics: Book 12

Scott Michel

The newspaper headlines shouted it out in big bold letters--the Sea Queen was gone, lost at sea. But unknown to the rest of the world there were survivors--two of them: a notorious call-girl and a prominent psychiatrist. Together they went on to discover a terrifying secret on a forgotten tropical island paradise. What happened to these two castaways and what events took place on that mysterious island on which they sought sanctuary is a chilling drama of human conflict and macabre adventure.

The Temple of Fire

Lost World-Lost Race Classics: Book 16

Fred Ashley

From the first to the last page The Temple of Fire never lets up, sending its heroes into swamp-infested seas and uncharted islands; pitting them against underwater monsters, people with webbed feet, gigantic flying skate fish, flesh-eating plants, and an ancient, not-too-friendly civilization, with some mean-spirited high priests thrown in for good measure. There's so much excitement you'll find yourself out of breath after just turning a few pages!

The Face in the Abyss and Other Fantastic Tales

Lost World-Lost Race Classics: Book 17

A. Merritt

Table of Contents:

  • The Face in the Abyss 5
  • The People of the Pit 128
  • The Women of the Wood 151

Inland Deep

Lost World-Lost Race Classics: Book 18

Richard Tooker

Philanthropist Roger Anson loved financing trips for scientific advancement, and Bob Langtree, a museum curator and field investigator, loved scientific expeditions. As luck would have it, information came to Roger regarding the mysterious Comanche Caves. Strange sounds--vaguely human--had been heard there; and most interesting of all, a footprint had been found--a footprint only part human! So off Roger and Bob went, on an exploration into the deepest recesses of the Comanche caves. And sure enough, deep inside they found prints--like the tracks of a giant frog! These strange prints soon led to an underground world--a fantastic new realm filled with monstrous beasts, weird phenomena, and home to a previously undiscovered race of semi-intelligent beings. But in the end, their expedition to break new scientific barriers became a desperate race for survival.

The Silver God of the Orang Hutan

Lost World-Lost Race Classics: Book 19

David Douglas

In this tale, there's a monstrous beast in darn near every chapter! American millionaire, Silas K. Horton had ambitious plans for a trek through the remote Malaysian peninsula in search of ore deposits, but he needed a man capable of leading his group through the thick jungle labyrinth. He found that man in rough and tumble adventurer Henry Boone, who was already heading in that direction on a quest to avenge his brother's death at the hands of bloodthirsty headhunters.

Boone, however, was skeptical of Horton's intentions for such a challenging expedition, and his suspicions were proven right when Horton revealed that his ulterior plan was to bring back the mysterious and priceless "Silver God," a relic of a mysterious and dangerous race of people who lived deep within the lost cave city of the forbidden mountain.

Fraught with misadventures and hidden dangers Horton, Boone, and his two sons forged their way through the jungles fighting off a myriad of monstrous beasts and hostile natives in an endeavor to learn the secrets of the Orang Hutan and their Silver God.

The Secret of the Earth

Lost World-Lost Race Classics: Book 22

Charles Willing Beale

A lost world at the Polar Ice Cap.

Was it a hair-brained scheme, or would it be the most stupendous scientific journey ever undertaken by man? When twin American brothers Torrence and Gurthrie Addlebridge arrived in London, it was to seek financial backing for the construction of a new-fangled air ship (of Torrence's design) that would send mankind into the vast frontier of air flight.

Yet it wasn't this fantastic machine that would prove to be so astonishing, but the plans for its maiden voyage. You see, Torrence Addlebridge knew something that the rest of the scientific world didn't--the existence of another world right here on Earth; a world whose entrance could only be gained by a perilous journey across the frozen wilds of the Arctic.

So the Addlebridge brothers--after some hair-raising incidents--made their way across the Atlantic, into the bitter cold of the Arctic; and what they found was far more fantastic than anything they'd dreamed of.

The World of the Giant Ants

Lost World-Lost Race Classics: Book 23

A. Hyatt Verrill

Giants really do exist! While on an exploration of a far-off land, noted scientist Dr. Hendon, along with his faithful servant Tom, become stranded in a lost world filled with giant insects. And of the plethora of giant insects around them, the giant ant proves to be the most interesting in many more ways than they ever could have imagined. Herndon and Tom are soon facing a host of challenges and hardships just to stay alive!

Phalanxes of Atlans

Lost World-Lost Race Classics: Book 24

F. Van Wyck Mason

Only in dim legends did mankind remember Atlantis and the Lost Tribes, that is, until Victor Nelson's extraordinary adventure into the Arctic unknown. Nelson and his pal, Richard Alden, had been forced down during a flight over a previously unexplored Arctic region. Their situation was desperate. And when Alden became lost, Nelson knew it was only a matter of time before his pal would perish in the Arctic cold. But when he found traces of a bloody struggle, Nelson knew Alden had been taken--forcibly. But by who... and why? Soon Nelson found himself following a trail into a forgotten world--a world filled with prehistoric beasts and lost Atlantean civilizations. And it was in this fantastic realm that Victor Nelson soon found the adventure of a lifetime.

The Sea Girl

Lost World-Lost Race Classics: Book 32

Ray Cummings

In the 1990s mankind faces annihilation at the hands of an advanced humanoid race dwelling in caverns beneath the Pacific ocean.