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Masters of Fantasy

Bill Fawcett
Brian M. Thomsen

You are cordially invited to explore the many worlds of modern fantasy, with an array of the field's brightest stars as your guides. Masters of Fantasy presents a glittering roster of today's most popular fantasy writers, offering brand new adventures set in their most popular series.

Table of Contents:

  • 1 - From Category to Genre in a Bookselling Sense or When Sales and Popularity Begin to Command Respect - essay by Brian M. Thomsen
  • 5 - Out of the Deep - [Valdemar] - novelette by Mercedes Lackey
  • 29 - Earthborne - [Witch World Universe] - short story by Andre Norton
  • 47 - Mything in Dreamland - [Myth Adventures] - novelette by Robert Asprin and Jody Lynn Nye
  • 69 - Race for the Sky - [The Bifrost Guardians] - novelette by Mickey Zucker Reichert
  • 95 - Shadamehr and the Old Wive's Tale - [Sovereign Stone] - short story by Don Perrin and Margaret Weis
  • 115 - Serenade - [Spellsinger] - novelette by Alan Dean Foster
  • 145 - Child of Prophecy - [The Wars of Light and Shadow] - novelette by Janny Wurts
  • 169 - The Afterlife of St. Vidicon of Cathode - [Saint Vidicon] - novelette by Christopher Stasheff
  • 197 - The Elf House - [Lord of the Isles] - short story by David Drake
  • 211 - Gifts - [Paksenarrion Universe] - novelette by Elizabeth Moon
  • 233 - The Amorous Broom - [John Justin Mallory] - short story by Mike Resnick
  • 245 - Web of Deception - [Bahzell - 5] - novel by David Weber

The Jewel of Seven Stars

Masters of Fantasy: Book 1

Bram Stoker

The most complete version ever published.

An Egyptologist, attempting to raise from the dead the mummy of Tera, an ancient Egyptian queen, finds a fabulous gem and is stricken senseless by an unknown force. Amid bloody and eerie scenes, his daughter is possessed by Tera's soul, and her fate depends upon bringing Tera's mummified body to life.

When The Jewel of Seven Stars was first released in 1903 the publishers received a great deal of criticism from both critics and readers because of its gruesome ending. Shortly before his death in 1912 when Stoker attempted to republish the book he was told that he would have to change the ending if he didn't want it to go out of publication. As a result, Stoker removed Chapter XVI "Powers - Old and New" and gave the book a new and happier ending. For many years the original ending was unavailable to most readers. Now, for the first time ever, we have included the endings from the first and second editions in this volume.

You're All Alone

Masters of Fantasy: Book 2

Fritz Leiber


  • You're All Alone - (1953) - novel
  • Four Ghosts in Hamlet - (1965) - novelette
  • The Creature from Cleveland Depths - (1962) - novelette

You're all Alone has also been published as The Sinful Ones. This collection has different content than other versions.

Theodore Sturgeon: A Primary and Secondary Bibliography

Masters of Science Fiction and Fantasy: Book 1

Lahna F. Diskin
Theodore Sturgeon

Checklist of Sturgeon's fiction and nonfiction published in books and periodicals (including fanzines) and annotated listing of secondary material.

Clifford D. Simak: A Primary and Secondary Bibliography

Masters of Science Fiction and Fantasy: Book 2

Muriel R. Becker
Clifford D. Simak

Clifford D. Simak (1904-88) was a prolific science-fiction/fantasy author and, in addition, an editor for the Minneapolis Star and Tribune Newspapers for over 36 years.

This informative bibliography is an extremely helpful tool for students, researchers and the curious admires of his many highly regarded novels and stories.

An informative introduction and an interview with the author add greatly to the detailed listings of Simak's published works.

When asked by Muriel Becker which of his stories pleased him more that others, Simak answered "A Choice of Gods" - his 1971 fictional rumination of the future of mankind.

Unfettered II: New Tales by Masters of Fantasy

Unfettered: Book 2

Shawn Speakman

Life can kick us when we are down.

In Shawn Speakman's case, he is fighting back.

Lacking health insurance and diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2011, Speakman beat the disease as well as the massive medical debt he amassed from its treatment. He did this by publishing Unfettered, an anthology featuring short stories donated by some of the best science fiction and fantasy writers working today.

The fight will not stop there. In an effort to pay forward the aid he received--and to memorialize his mother who passed away from stomach cancer in early 2016--Speakman has again collaborated with celebrated genre authors to publish Unfettered II. All proceeds from the anthology will either help eliminate medical debt for other authors or be donated to cancer research hubs around the world.

Twenty original new tales comprise this amazing collection and, as the title suggests, the writers were again free to contribute whatever they wished.

Table of Contents:

  • Foreword: Remembering Kathy Speakman - essay by Terry Brooks
  • Introduction: The End of Magic's Beginning - essay by Shawn Speakman
  • Castle Coeurlieu - novelette by Naomi Novik
  • A Slow Kill - short story by Peter Ourllian
  • And Men Will Mine the Mountain for Our Souls - short story by Seanan McGuire
  • Day One - short story by Jim Butcher
  • Brightwine in the Garden of Tsitsian Village - novelette by Bradley P. Beaulieu
  • Aokigahara - short story by John A. Pitts
  • The Decoy - short story by Janny Wurts
  • The King's Despatcher - short story by David Farland
  • Figures - short story by Rachel Caine
  • The Red-Rimmed Eyes of Tóu Ma - short story by Aidan Moher
  • Magic Beans - short story by Django Wexler
  • The Hedgewitch - short story by Sarah Beth Durst
  • Victim with a Capital V - short story by Scott Sigler
  • A Duel of Evils - short story by Anthony Ryan
  • The Raven - short story by Erin Lindsey
  • Bulletproof - short story by Mark Lawrence
  • The Gunnie - short story by Charlaine Harris
  • Little Wren and the Big Forest - short story by Michael J. Sullivan
  • The Thrill - short story by Brandon Sanderson
  • The Last Flowers of the Spring Witch - short story by Shawn Speakman