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Jo Clayton


Shadith's Quest: Book 1

Jo Clayton

Spacenapped when she stumbled on a kidnapping in progress, Shadith - captive for centuries in the alien artifact known as the Diadem, now once again living in a human form - finds herself the prisoner of Ginbiryol Seyirshi, a being who has instigated devastating wars on world after world purely to film and sell Limited Editions of the resulting violence, destruction, and death.

Along with two fellow humanoid prisoners, Shadith has been chosen to play a key role in Seyirshi's newest "production", serving as a demigod around whom the rebel forces will rally only to face a terrible doom. But prisoner though she it, Shadith has some unique resources of her own, and with these Diadem-mastered powers, she will do all she can to rewrite Seyirshi's script so that the people of this troubled planet as well as she and her fellow captives can win their freedom and put an end to Seyirshi's interstellar reign of terror...


Shadith's Quest: Book 2

Jo Clayton

The price of a world's death was extremely high, but Ginbiryol Seyirshi would give any buyer his money's worth. Creator of Limited Editions, "productions" in which entire populations became unwilling actors in planet-devastating wars, Seyirshi had once held Shadith captive. But now she and her comrades were free from Seyirshi's control, and they had sworn to track down the monster and put an end to his evil works.

But Seyirshi had made many enemies in his long career and had long ago learned how to protect himself from those in search of vengeance. To stop the world-wrecker, Shadith would first have to find him. And now she and her comrades had found the perfect bait, Wargun, one of Seyirshi's devoted "customers". But before they could carry out their real mission, they had to capture Wargun. And even with Shadith's unique talents, this first challenge would prove almost as impossible as catching Seyirshi himself...


Shadith's Quest: Book 3

Jo Clayton

Mindwiping or death would be the fate for Shadith if she could not find a way to escape the Institute ship and her captors. So she creates a controlled, temporary mindwipe, hiding her identity so thoroughly that even she herself no longer knew who she is.

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