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Vonda N. McIntyre

The Entropy Effect

Star Trek: The Original Series: Book 2

Vonda N. McIntyre

The universe has less than a century left... unless Spock can change history.

The Enterprise is summoned to transport a dangerous criminal from starbase prison to a rehabilitation center: brilliant physicist, Dr. Georges Mordreaux, accused of promising to send people back in time - then killing them instead. But when Mordreaux escapes, bursts onto the bridge and kills Captain Kirk, Spock must journey back in time to avert disaster - before it occurs.

Now there's more at stake than just Kirk's life. Mordreaux's experiments have thrown the entire universe into a deadly time warp. Spock is fighting time... and the universe is closing in on itself with the relentless squeeze of the Entropy Effect.

Enterprise: The First Adventure

Star Trek: The Original Series: Giant Novels: Book 1

Vonda N. McIntyre

James T. Kirk is the youngest man to be promoted to the rank of captain in Federation history. He was an Iowa farm boy and a war hero, promoted to the command of the Federation's most powerful starship.

His crew consists of a first officer who finds him impetuous; a chief engineer who finds him arrogant; a chief medical officer who finds him trifling; and a helmsman who wants a transfer. His first mission: to shuttle a troop of vaudevillians to a distant starbase.

But a comedy of errors turns to deadly drama when a renegade Klingon tries to provoke a war with the Federation, and a wondrous, peaceful world is caught in between. Suddenly Captain Kirk is playing a part he never learned in school: fighting for the respect - and the survival - of his crew, on a mission that could turn out to be his last. And the young crew, which would later become the legendary space explorers, quickly puts aside their differences when the monstrous starship appears on their nascent flight path.

Jugglers, flying horses, and the threat of war - here is the untold story of James T. Kirk's first mission as the commander of the Enterprise!

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