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Marianne de Pierres

Burn Bright

The Night Creatures: Book 1

Marianne de Pierres

Burn Bright - Book One of Night Creatures

Retra is a Seal from the city of Grave – sealed minds, sealed community. When her brother Joel runs away to Ixion, the island of ever-night, ever-youth and never-sleep, she is determined to find him.

Retra endures the pain of her obedience strip to escape Grave and stow away on the Ixion barge. But the island is beyond anything she can imagine and she finds herself drawn deep into a intoxicating and dangerous world.

What are the creatures calling to Retra from the shadows? Where is Joel? And why are the young people she meets, vanishing?

Ixion may appear to be a place of bliss, but its secrets are deadly. Will the friends she makes, and the forging of an eternal bond with a Riper, be enough to save her from the darkness?

Angel Arias

The Night Creatures: Book 2

Marianne de Pierres

Angel Arias - Book Two of Night Creatures

Naif – once called Retra – has escaped from Ixion thanks to the pirate, Ruzalia.

But Ruzalia's island is fraught with its own tensions, and Naif knows she cannot bide there for long.

She and Markes have to return to Grave to search for the link between the Ripers and the Elders, and find a way to save her friends back on Ixion from certain death.

But Grave is perhaps the most dangerous place of all for Naif. How can she stay hidden in her bleak birthplace long enough to learn the truth? And what will she do with that truth when she finds it?

Shine Light

The Night Creatures: Book 3

Marianne de Pierres

Shine Light - Book Three of Night Creatures

Ixion. The island of ever-night and never-sleep.

Naif has learned many of its secrets and she must return to save her friends before the Night Creatures take them.

Despite Ruzalia agreeing to help them, trouble is brewing on Ixion between the Ripers. Lenoir's position has been challenged and he is no longer in control. The Night Creatures are restless, Naif's brother is missing, her friends are scattered and in hiding and she must convince everyone to join her cause.

Can Naif rally the support she needs to bring a new dawn?

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