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You Call That Service?, Vol. 1

You Call That Service?: Book 1

Kisetsu Morita

A vampiric romantic comedy...?

After a lifetime of hardship due to a curse placed on him by his grandfather, all Ryouta wants is to be left alone. However, when he wanders into the mountains to find some peace and quiet, instead he finds a town taken over by vampires! To make matters worse, one of its residents, a haughty (and rather eccentric) girl, soon sets her sights on him with the goal of making him her servant. Now, Ryouta has a choice to make-escape back to his old life in Japan or live out his days as the minion of Shiren Fuyukura in the quirky town of Akinomiya.

You Call That Service?, Vol. 2

You Call That Service?: Book 2

Kisetsu Morita

Nothing like a little sibling rivalry!

Women want him! Men want to beat him! And Ryouta just wants two minutes to himself... But there's little chance of that happening while he's cursed to be irresistible to the opposite sex-especially when two of the girls fighting over him are Ouka, the ruler of the Sacred Blood Empire, and her little sister, Shiren! What ever happened to the Sacred Blooded being immune to the curse?! ...And why is Shiren such a terrible student? While she's busy trying to improve her grades, Ouka has no trouble swooping in and snatching Ryouta away! Is Shiren in danger of losing her minion to his childhood crush?!

You Call That Service?, Vol. 3

You Call That Service?: Book 3

Kisetsu Morita

Tamaki's big chance!

An upcoming autumn festival has everyone excited--most of all girls like Shiren and Tamaki, who can't wait to show Ryouta how great they look in yukata. However, things take an unfortunate turn for poor Tamaki (surprise, surprise) when her family's convenience store is robbed, leaving her short on cash to buy the perfect outfit! Looks like she'll have to work during the festival to earn the money--but what's this? Ryouta volunteered to help her with the job?! Could this be a fated opportunity for the ever-unlucky Tamaki? It certainly seems that way, but not everyone is keen on the two winding up together...

You Call That Service?, Vol. 4

You Call That Service?: Book 4

Kisetsu Morita

A date with... Sasara?!

When Sasara suddenly finds herself in marriage talks with another noble, the only way out is to find a different potential mate--and Ryouta, who can't stand seeing someone in need, volunteers for the role. Unfortunately, this means he'll have to defeat a swordsman in a duel and trick Sasara's parents into believing he and and their daughter are really dating--and neither looks likely. Will Ryouta have to get engaged just to help his friend?!

You Call That Service?, Vol. 5

You Call That Service?: Book 5

Kisetsu Morita

One minion... Two masters?!

Diplomatic relations between Japan and the Sacred Blood Empire are stabilizing, and the news has taken the vampire community by storm. Meanwhile, something strange is happening to Ryouta--he's transforming into a minion! It turns out that Archbishop Alfoncina's prayer for his safety had some serious side effects, and they can only be cured with an herbal remedy sold exclusively in Japan. As luck would have it, the archbishop was already planning on traveling there for business, so she invites Ryouta to tag along. Needless to say, some people are none too pleased with the arrangement...

You Call That Service?, Vol. 6

You Call That Service?: Book 6

Kisetsu Morita

A Big Decision for Shiren...

Shiren receives a letter from her mother promising to whisk her away so the two can start a new life together back in Japan. The thing is, her mother is a wanted criminal in the empire, and now she's taken control of the Virginal Father! Despite her vocal refusals, Shiren may be more tempted by this offer than she's letting on... Meanwhile, Ouka surprises everyone with a dramatic proposal for Ryouta should Shiren change her mind.

You Call That Service?, Vol. 7

You Call That Service?: Book 7

Kisetsu Morita

Shiren has left the Sacred Blood Empire--and Ryouta--to become Emperor of the newly founded Holy Sacred Blood Empire! With her sister out of the way, Ouka takes the chance to make Ryouta her minion, and he begins a new life without Shiren. Shiren, on the other hand, is living in the lap of luxury, but is this what she really wants?

The boy-meets-vampire girl comedy draws to a close in this final volume.