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Witch World

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Witch World

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Author: Andre Norton
Publisher: Ace Books, 1963
Series: Witch World: Estcarp Cycle: Book 1
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
Sub-Genre Tags: Heroic Fantasy
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(109 reads / 62 ratings)


The doomed land of Estcarp stood alone, menaced from the north and south, and from the sea to the west. Only the dark people of her fields, her cities and her towers are able to hold back the press. Theirs might be a losing cause, but they would go down fighting to the last blow of sword from the last living Guardsman, the last blasting weapon man or woman could lay hand upon.

Alone among the nations of the continent Estcarp wielded a strange and fearful weapon, and the hatred and dread of her neighbors was founded on that very weapon - magic. To Alizon in the north, Karsten in the south, the power of the witches was evil. But the terror that threatened from the west was an alien evil from a source unknown.


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