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The Steps of the Sun

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The Steps of the Sun

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Author: Walter Tevis
Publisher: Collier Books, 1990
Corgi Books, 1985
Gollancz, 1984
Doubleday, 1983

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Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Pulp
Space Exploration
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It is the sixties -- the 2060s -- and things on Earth are looking grim. Firewood is $7 a stick. Macy's is a giant coal storage bin. Energy laws have outlawed elevators, and skyscrapers stand empty. The U.S. is a second-rate power run by the Mafia and the Teamsters. Space travel is illegal. Worst of all, a new Ice Age is on the way.

What the world needs is a hero. A man rich enough to build his own spaceship. Brave enough to fly it. Crazy enough to want to save the world. Lucky enough to succeed.

And here he comes...


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I Expected Better...

- ScoLgo


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