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The Sundered Realm
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The Sundered Realm

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Author: Robert E. Vardeman
Publisher: Ace Books, 1985
New English Library, 1984
Berkley Books, 1982
Playboy Paperbacks, 1980
Series: War of Powers: Book 1
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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Fost Longstrider's mission seemed ordinary. He'd been hired to deliver a jug to a wizard on the far side of the forest. Unfortunately the jug contained a sex-starved genie, the wizard was dead by foul means, and Fost was probabley the next to die.

Then the genie was stolen and spirited away to the City in the Sky. It was up to Fost to steal it back from two beautiful sisters. They were fighting to become queen and, using dark powers, one had called forth a demon. Now Fost's foray was suddenly a terrible war.


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