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The City in the Glacier
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The City in the Glacier

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Author: Robert E. Vardeman
Publisher: Ace Books, 1985
New English Library, 1984
Playboy Paperbacks, 1980
Series: War of Powers: Book 2
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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The Amulet of Living Flame, the most powerful talisman in existence. Its magic brought the dead back to life. They all wanted it, but only one of them could possess it. It could make Fost Longstrider an invincible warrior. It could make his lover Moriana triumphant over her evil twin sister. It could even make the hideous Prince Rann a most expert executioner.

Unfortunately the amulet was encased in living ice within the City in the Glacier. And only a lecherous genie knew the path to take.


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