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Rising Tide

Forgotten Realms: The Threat From The Sea: Book 1

Mel Odom

From the murky depths of the Shining Sea rises a pre-historic menace who commands a rising tide of invasion to crash over the shores...

Iakhovas has plotted for long, bitter years to regain the powers that were torn from him by an angry goddess. Now, nothing will stand in his way, and the face of Toril will never be the same again.

Oblivious to the growing danger of the undersea civilizations, the surface world is about to awaken to a new, horrifying threat from the sea.

Under Fallen Stars

Forgotten Realms: The Threat From The Sea: Book 2

Mel Odom

The sea war rages up and down the Sword Coast, leaving the busy harbor of Baldur's Gate in flames. Following his mad quest, the evil Iakhovas has found a gateway into the protected waters of the Sea of Fallen Stars, and now no coast is safe from his marauding armies of the deep.

The Sea Devil's Eye

Forgotten Realms: The Threat From The Sea: Book 3

Mel Odom

Iakhovas has caused more destruction than any force since the Time of Troubles, but his true objective has been a mystery... until now.

When a young sailor's journey is complete, an aging bard's final song is sung, and a malenti priestess faces her most challenging test, the Threat from the Sea concludes in an explosive climax that will set all of Faerûn reeling.

Realms of the Deep: The Threat from the Sea

Forgotten Realms: The Threat From The Sea: Book 4

Philip Athans

When armies of evil rise up from the seas around Faerûn, no one is safe.

A young mage battles at the side of Khelben Arunsun to defend the city of Waterdeep.

A merman struggles to fulfill his desperate mission to reach the Sea of Fallen Stars.

Twelve all new stories by such Forgotten Realms stars as Mel Odom, Ed Greenwood, Elaine Cunningham, Troy Denning, Lynn Abbey, and Clayton Emery.

Table of Contents:

  • Hard Choices - novelette by Lynn Abbey
  • Fire is Fire - novelette by Elaine Cunningham
  • Messenger to Serôs - novelette by Peter Archer
  • The Place Where Guards Snore at Their Posts - novelette by Ed Greenwood
  • Lost Cause - novelette by Richard Lee Byers
  • Forged in Fire - novelette by Clayton Emery
  • One Who Swims with Sekolah - novelette by Mel Odom
  • The Crystal Reef - novelette by Troy Denning
  • The Patrol - novelette by Larry Hobbs
  • Star of Tethyr - novelette by Thomas M. Reid
  • Persana's Blade - novelette by Steven E. Schend
  • And the Dark Tide Rises - novelette by Keith Francis Strohm
  • The Calendar of Harptos - essay by Philip Athans