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A Cat and His Human

League of Losers: Book 1

Michael Atamanov

When our protagonist Andrei discovers that his girlfriend has cheated on him, he finds himself with an unexpected choice to make: a quick death, or a new life in another world he knows absolutely nothing about. Andrei chooses life, and sets off alongside his pet, a ginger cat with a limp, for a primeval world fraught with danger. The trouble is... who is whose pet becomes entirely unclear; the man's consciousness is split between both creatures, and the little cat gets a far greater share of intelligence and wit than his hulking master. What do you do as a weak little kitty? Abandon the clumsy human who always seems to get into trouble, go in search of a new master? Or protect your human body in the hope of one day returning to it?

In Service of the Pharaoh

League of Losers: Book 2

Michael Atamanov

The adventures of Sergeant and his cat continue! The human Beast Catcher has been forcibly separated from his furry girlfriend Shelly, but our hero's character level is too low to follow her into the wider world or take proper vengeance. All he can do now is gain strength, level up his character and skills, and add to his ever growing list of enemies to one day be punished... or leave that to his ginger kitten Whiskers, fast becoming an expert in curse magic.

In the meantime, a terrible storm is brewing in the sandbox for beginner players. The humans and the sherkhs are on the brink of war for domination of this land fenced off from the rest of the world. The sherkhs are choosing a general for their army, and one of the candidates is an old acquaintance of our hero. The main task for Sergeant and his cat now is to avoid falling into the grip of a bloody conflict.

The First Winter

League of Losers: Book 3

Michael Atamanov

The small, weak League of Losers has truly lived up to its name -- after all, it managed to make a slew of powerful, very dangerous enemies right from the start. It is now time for Sergeant and Whiskers, his ginger kitten, to leave the sandbox for the big world. The players have leveled up enough to pass through the barrier enclosing the sandbox, but, as luck would have it, it isn't the best time to make their escape. A bitterly cold winter is drawing near, and nobody is ready for it. Worse still, none of the primary combat units -- the huge arachnoscorps, creeping crocodiles, nor the reptilian fighters and mounts are adapted to surviving in the cold.

Sergeant and his friends are going to have to use all of their ingenuity and skills to contend with the dangers they'll inevitably encounter in the big world, and to also build a shelter for themselves as fast as possible to withstand the freezing conditions in the harsh, new, primordial world.