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A Tale of Destiny

Scrapped Princess: Book 1

Ichiro Sakaki

In the kingdom of Linevan, it was prophesized that the king and queen would bear twins-one male and one female-and that the female child, on her 16th birthday, would cause the world to end and therefore must be immediately executed. The queen, who could not bear to murder her daughter, sent her to live with a family friend and his two children outside of town. This Scrapped Princess, now named Pacifica, grows up with two siblings: a powerful sorcerer named Raquel and a robust warrior named Shannon. She knows nothing about her past, other than that she was adopted and that someone has killed their father. When the truth of her heritage is revealed, she, Shannon, and Raquel set out to avenge their father's murder and see if the ominous prophecy is true.

Song of the Forgiven

Scrapped Princess: Book 2

Ichiro Sakaki

Fifteen years ago, the king and queen of Linevan had twins-a boy and a girl. A prophecy foretold that their daughter would, at the age of 16, be the poison that destroys the world. In order to avoid this catastrophe, they sent her out to die, but their orders were not followed, and Princess Pacifica has survived in another kingdom. When her parents learn that she is still alive, they send guards after her. Pacifica travels with her adopted brother, Shannon, who is a brave warrior, and sister, Raquel, who has a way with magic. Bounty hunters, assassins, and thieves beset the three continually.

Requiem for the Infidels

Scrapped Princess: Book 3

Ichiro Sakaki

It was predicted that when Pacifica turns sixteen, she'll become the Scrapped Princess and usher in the apocalypse! The entire kingdom is out to get her! To protect their adopted sister from assassins, Shannon and Raquel travel far in search of a fabled sanctuary. While on the journey, they encounter Inquisitor Berkens, who admits he's looking for the legendary Scrapped Princess, rumored to live in the Garden of Sinners. Is Berkens simply an undercover assassin? Or is there truly a second Scrapped Princess out there?