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Guardians of Time

Time Patrol: Book 1

Poul Anderson


  • Time Patrol
  • Brave to be King
  • The Only Game in Town
  • Delenda Est

Time Patrolman

Time Patrol: Book 2

Poul Anderson

Two novella's in Anderson's Time Patrol universe.

Table of Contents:

  • Ivory, and Apes, and Peacocks - novella
  • The Sorrow of Odin the Goth - novella

The Year of the Ransom

Time Patrol: Book 3

Poul Anderson

SF veteran Anderson revives his Time Patrol series for this brisk, intricate tale of crime and pursuit across the centuries. The trouble starts when bandits from the far future stage a raid on the fabulous ransom that Francisco Pizarro demanded in 1533 for the Inca Emperior Atahuallpa.

The Shield of Time

Time Patrol: Book 4

Poul Anderson

Mase Everard is a man with a mission. As an Unattached Agent of the Time Patrol, he's to go anyplace - and anytime! - where humanity's transcendent future is threatened by the alteration of the past. This is Manse's profession, and his burden: for how much suffering, throughout human history, can he bear to "preserve"?

Wanda Tamberley is a Patrol member in search of her mission. Recruited from sunny California in the late 20th century, she'd rather serve as a scientist in the research branch, exploring Earth's flora and fauna in epochs long past. But as hints accumulate from the Patrol's mysterious leaders uptime, it's beginning to look as if a lot of human history depends on her personal decisions - and Manse's.

Meanwhile, the Exaltationists are on the loose, determined to revise human history and rule Time forever and Manse Everard is sworn to stop them, no matter what the heartbreaking cost!

Table of Contents:

  • The Stranger That is Within Thy Gates - short story
  • Women and Horses and Power and War - novella
  • Before the Gods That Made the Gods - short story
  • Beringia - novella
  • Riddle Me This - short story
  • Amazement of the World - novella

The Time Patrol

Time Patrol: Book 5

Poul Anderson

This anthology of all the classic short tales of the Time Patrol, the future organization that insures the continuity of human history, also includes a short novel about the patrol, Star of the Sea.

Table of Contents:

  • Time Patrol - (1955) - novelette by Poul Anderson
  • Brave to Be a King - (1959) - novelette by Poul Anderson
  • Gibraltar Falls - (1975) - short story by Poul Anderson
  • The Only Game in Town - (1960) - novelette by Poul Anderson
  • Delenda Est - (1955) - novelette by Poul Anderson
  • Ivory, and Apes, and Peacocks - (1983) - novella by Poul Anderson
  • The Sorrow of Odin the Goth - (1983) - novella by Poul Anderson
  • Star of the Sea - (1991) - novella by Poul Anderson
  • The Year of the Ransom - (1988) - novel by Poul Anderson