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Michael Slade

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Michael Slade

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Full Name: Jay Clarke
Born: Lethbridge, Alberta
Occupation: Lawyer, Novelist
Nationality: Canadian


Michael Slade is the pseudonym of Vancouver criminal lawyer Jay Clarke and his collaborators. Clarke has written with his law partners, John Banks and Richard Covell; his wife, Lee Clarke; and currently writes with his daughter, Rebecca Clarke.

In real life, Slade has acted for both the defense and the prosecution in more than 100 murder cases, many involving issues of insanity. He argued the last death penalty case in the Supreme Court of Canada.

A Slade novel is best seen as a three-ringed bull's-eye. Tricks and puzzles at the center (whodunit, locked room, dying message, etc.), ringed by psychological horror, ringed by police and legal procedure.

Each novel comes out of some event in history. History was Slade's undergraduate field of study.

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