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Myke Cole

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Myke Cole

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Full Name: Myke Cole
Born: New York City, New York


As a security contractor, government civilian, and military officer, Myke Cole’s career has run the gamut from counterterrorism to cyber warfare to federal law enforcement. He’s done three tours in Iraq and was recalled to serve during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. All that conflict can wear a guy out. Thank goodness for fantasy novels, comic books, late-night games of Dungeons & Dragons, and lots of angst-fueled writing.

Works in the WWEnd Database

 Non Series Works


 The Sacred Throne

 1. (2018)
 2. (2018)
 3. (2019)

 Shadow Ops

 1. (2012)
 2. (2013)
 3. (2014)
 4. (2015)
 5. (2016)
 6. (2017)