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P. N. Elrod

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P. N. Elrod

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Full Name: Patricia Nead Elrod
Born: Texas, USA
Nationality: American


P. N. "Pat" Elrod's start in professional writing began at TSR doing gaming modules. Best known for The Vampire Files and the Jonathan Barrett: Gentleman Vampire series, she co-edited Time of the Vampires, and has stories in several other anthologies. A great fan of Forever Knight, she collaborated with actor Nigel Bennet (LaCroix) on Keeper of the King and His Father's Son. She is also an editor, having worked on several collections for Ace Science Fiction, DAW, Benbella Books, and St. Martin's Griffin.

Works in the WWEnd Database

 Jonathan Barrett, Gentleman Vampire

 1. (1993)
 2. (1994)
 3. (1995)
 4. (1996)

 On Her Majesty's Psychic Service

 1. (2015)

 Revenloft: I, Strahd

 1. (1993)
 2. (1998)

 Vampire Files

 1. (1990)
 2. (1990)
 3. (1990)
 4. (1991)
 5. (1991)
 6. (1992)
 7. (1998)
 8. (1999)
 9. (2000)
 10. (2003)
 11. (2005)
 12. (2009)


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