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Mick Farren

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Mick Farren

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Full Name: Mick Farren
Born: September 3, 1943
Died: July 27, 2013
London, England
Occupation: Musician, author
Nationality: British


Mick Farren divided his time between music and literature, with digressions into psychedelic agitprop. His life as a recording artist began by fronting the anarchic pre-punk The Deviants and continued with his lyrics being recorded by Metallica, Motorhead, Hawkwind and Wayne Kramer. He learned his trade as a writer in the heady days of the underground press. At the New Musical Express in the 1970s, he helped explain the dawn of punk to a worried world. He has published twenty-two novels and more than a dozen non-fiction works, including the bestselling Elvis And The Colonel.

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