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Andrew Cartmel

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Andrew Cartmel

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Full Name: Andrew Cartmel
Occupation: Writer, Editor, Journalist
Nationality: British


Andrew Cartmel (born 1958) is a British author and journalist, and former script editor of Doctor Who. He has also worked as a script editor on other television series, as a magazine editor, as a comics writer, as a film studies lecturer, and as a novelist.

Cartmel was hired as the script editor for the twenty-fourth season of the science-fiction programme Doctor Who, having been recommended to the producer John Nathan-Turner by the producer's agent, who had seen some unproduced scripts Cartmel had written. Cartmel worked on the programme for the next three years, overseeing the final three seasons of its original run on BBC One. He brought in several young, new writers and despite declining ratings, tried to take the series in a new creative direction.

The most significant legacy of this new direction might have been the so-called "Cartmel Masterplan", a back story developed with Ben Aaronovitch, and Marc Platt, which they intended to restore some of the mystery of the Doctor's background that had been lost through revelation of the existing backstory. Subsequently, the "Masterplan" was used as a guide for the Virgin New Adventures range of novels featuring the Seventh Doctor. and the revelations about the Doctor's origins were written into the novel Lungbarrow by Marc Platt.

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