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Norman L. Knight

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Norman L. Knight

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Full Name: Norman L. Knight
Born: September 21, 1895
St Joseph, Missouri, USA
Died: April 19, 1972
Occupation: Chemist
Nationality: American


Knight was born at St. Joseph, Missouri on September 21, 1895 at 2109 Messanie Road with his father Louis Ruthven Knight, and his mother Mary E. Knight (née Stauber). Norman's father was a druggist, and the family lived over the family drug store.

While not much of his fiction is remembered today, it was noticed during original publication. Particularly the short story Saurian Valedictory, published in Astounding Science Fiction, January 1939, was praised by famous science fiction coupleEdmund Hamilton and Leigh Brackett, who made a comment that "It was a brilliant achievement and nobody seems to have heard of it, or him. It was an attempt to depict a reptilian civilization before Man. It succeeded triumphantly; the values were all so different, the psychology", and described it as "One of the really great stories on alien mentality".

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