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Pierre Benoit

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Pierre Benoit

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Full Name: Pierre Benoit
Born: July 16, 1886
Albi, France
Died: March 3, 1962
Ciboure, France
Occupation: Novelist
Nationality: French


Pierre Benoit (16 July 1886 - 3 March 1962) was a French novelist and member of the Académie française.

Pierre Benoit, born in Albi (southern France) was the son of a French soldier. Benoit spent his early years and military service in Northern Africa, before becoming a civil servant. His first novel, Koenigsmark, was published during 1918; L'Atlantide was published the next year and was awarded the Grand Prize of the Académie française. Benoit became a member of the Académie during 1931.

A political right-winger, Benoit was an admirer of the French fascist Charles Maurras. During the Nazi Occupation of France, Benoît joined the "Groupe Collaboration", a pro-Nazi arts group whose other members included Abel Bonnard, Georges Claude and Pierre Drieu La Rochelle. This led him to be arrested in September 1944; he was eventually released after six months, but his work remained on the "blacklist" of French Nazi collaborators for several years afterwards.

He died in March 1962 in Ciboure.

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