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Pierre Maël

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Pierre Maël

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Full Name: Pierre Maël
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: French


Pierre Maël is the collective pseudonym of two French writers of adventure and romance novels for youth: Charles Causse (1862-1904) and Charles Vincent (1851-1920).

Though their novels were great bestsellers in the early twentieth century, the pseudonym fell into disuse after the Second World War, which marked a change in the tenor and substance of children's literature.

"Pierre Maël" was one of the leading authors for Editions Hachette, which up through the 1950s republished abridged versions of some of their novels as part of the Green Library series. Some titles were also reissued after 2007 as Editions La Découvrance (Discovery Editions).

Charles Vincent was born in 1851 in Nudjuffgur in the French Indies. After the death of Charles Causse, he wrote reissues of the novels under the name of Peter Maël. The name Peter Maël is associated with a particular form of literature, that of New Year gifts, books, and school prizes.

Charles Causse never wrote under his own name. He is the father of another author of adventure novels, Jean Agraives.

Both men were of Breton origin, devout Catholics and supporters of a return to the monarchy under the house of Bourbon. Their body of work - which includes 94 titles - is divided into two categories: novels for boys and novels for girls.

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