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Andrea K. Höst

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Andrea K. Höst

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Full Name: Andrea K. Höst
Born: Sweden
Occupation: Writer


Born in Sweden and raised (mostly) in Townsville (Australia), I currently live in Sydney (because that's where the paying job is). My time is divided between earning a crust, playing video games, reading (novels, manga, the interweb), gardening, and dragging string about for my cats to chase. Somewhere among all that I write novels.

My ambition is to possess a self-earning crust, so that I can spend more time playing MMO's writing, and so that I can buy a property in the country and plant lots of trees that go fun colours in Autumn.

The cats are called Cinnamon, Summer and Autumn, I have three maples so far, and the house in the country is probably going to have to hold off until retirement.

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 1. (2010)

 The Trifold Age

 1. (2015)


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