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Maurice Richardson

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Maurice Richardson

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Full Name: Maurice Richardson
Occupation: Writer


Maurice Richardson (1907-1978) was an English journalist and short story writer. Richardson was born to a wealthy family. As a child, Richardson was sent to prep school, which he disliked; he later recalled his education in his 1968 book Little Victims. He studied at Oxford in the 1920s, where he befriended the poet Brian Howard. After leaving Oxford, he spent some time as an amateur boxer, and wrote his first novel, A Strong Man Needed, a humorous story about a female boxer. Richardson began his journalistic career in the 1930s. After joining the Communist Party, Richardson became a contributor to Left Review and a member of the London-based left-wing Writers and Readers Group which included Randall Swingler, Sylvia Townsend Warner, Mulk Raj Anand, Arthur Calder-Marshall and Rose Macaulay.

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