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R. J. Pineiro

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R. J. Pineiro

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Full Name: Rogelio J. Pineiro
Born: April 17, 1961
Havana, Cuba
Occupation: Computer Industry, Writer
Nationality: American


R.J. Pineiro is an 22-year veteran of the computer industry, where he works on leading-edge microprocessors.

He is the author of several internationally-acclaimed novels, including, Firewall, Cyberterror, Shutdown, Breakthrough, Exposure, and Ultimatum, as well as the millennium thrillers, 01-01-00 and Y2K. HAVOC, was in December of 2005.

R.J. Pineiro was born in Cuba and grew up in Central America. He enjoys flying, has a black belt in martial arts, is a certified SCUBA diver, and has traveled extensively through Europe, Asia, and the Americas both for his computer business as well as to conduct research for his novels. He makes his home in Austin, Texas, where he lives with his wife, Lory Anne, and his son, Cameron.

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