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Hal Colebatch

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Hal Colebatch

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Full Name: Hal Gibson Pateshall Colebatch
Born: October 1, 1945
Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Occupation: Author, Poet, Lecturer, Journalist, Editor, Lawyer
Nationality: Australian


He is the son of the late Australian politician Sir Hal Colebatch and Marion, Lady Colebatch, a former Australian Army nursing sister who was the daughter of long-time Fremantle mayor and parliamentarian Sir Frank Gibson. He is the author of Sir Hal Colebatch's biography, Steadfast Knight (foreword by Professor Geoffrey Blainey), published by the Fremantle Arts Centre Press.

He received a BA Honours and MA in History/Politics and a PhD in Political Science from the University of Western Australia as well as degrees in jurisprudence and law.

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