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Donald Franson

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Donald Franson

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Full Name: Donald Franson
Born: November 11, 1916
Died: June 5, 2002
Occupation: Writer


Longtime fan who wrote (with Howard DeVore) several editions of their A History of the Hugo, Nebula and International Fantasy Awards, the latest edition with a slightly different title (Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy Awards) in 1998 and published by Advent was nominated for a Hugo for Best Related Book. Franson also wrote A Key to the Terminology of Science Fiction Fandom (1962), Science Fiction Title Changes, and Some Facts About Science Fiction Fandom. He lived most of his life in LA and was active in the N3F and LASFS (including serving as secretary) for years and was a member of N'APA. He was also a member of the Professor Challenger Society and the Interplanetary Exploration Society. He was a member of First Fandom and SFWA.

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