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Chris Pak

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Chris Pak

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Full Name: Chris Pak
Occupation: Scholar, Teacher, Writer
Nationality: British


Chris Writes:

I am a scholar of speculative fiction, film and other media from the fin-de-siècle to the contemporary period. My core research areas are in the Environmental Humanities, Human-Animal Studies, Posthumanism, the Energy Humanities and the Digital Humanities, and I have additional specialisms in Science and Technology Studies, the Medical Humanities, Postcolonialism, Critical Theory, American and British literature, Noir and Postmodernism. I am editor of the Science Fiction Research Association's SFRA Review.

I am especially interested in the ecological and environmental significance of stories of terraforming and pantropy - the modification of other planets and the modification of bodies to enable the habitation of otherwise uninhabitable environments, respectively.

Works in the WWEnd Database

 Liverpool SF Studies

 55. (2016)


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