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Jean-Claude Dunyach

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Jean-Claude Dunyach

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Full Name: Jean-Claude Dunyach
Born: July 17, 1957
Toulouse, Haute-Garonne, France
Nationality: France


Jean-Claude Dunyach, born in 1957, has a Ph.D. in applied mathematics and supercomputing. He works for Airbus in Toulouse (south of France).

He has been writing science fiction since the beginning of the 1980s, and has already published seven novels and eight collections of short stories, garnering the French Science-Fiction award in 1983, four Rosny Ainé Award in 1992 (2), 1998 and 2008, as well as the "Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire" in 1998 and Prix Ozone in 1997.

The short story "Déchiffrer la trame" ("Unravelling the thread") was elected "best story of the year" by the Interzone magazine readers. Two collections of short stories are available in English: "THE NIGHT ORCHID: CONAN DOYLE IN TOULOUSE" and "THE THIEVES OF SILENCE", Black Coat Press.

His latest novel, "Etoiles Mourantes" (Dying Stars), written in collaboration with the famous French writer Ayerdhal, won the "Grand Prix de la Tour Eiffel" in 1999 as well as the "Prix Ozone". It is published by the French editor J'ai lu, as well as "Etoiles Mortes", Prix Rosny 1992 (published in Hungary by Galaktika). "Etoiles Mourantes" was also published in Italy by Fanucci ("Stelle Morenti") and in Hungary.

The French editor L'Atalante published two collections of short stories in 2000. Another collection appeared in May 2001 and the fourth one in May 2003, followed by the fifth one in May 2005, the sixth one in May 2007 and the seventh one in April 2011.

Jean-Claude Dunyach also writes lyrics for several French singers, which served as an inspiration for one of his novels about a rock and roll singer in a trashed future, touring in Antarctica with a zombie philharmonic orchestra...

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