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Sam Moskowitz

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Sam Moskowitz

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Full Name: Samuel Martin Moskowitz
Born: June 30, 1920
Newark, New Jersey
Died: April 15, 1997
Newark, New Jersey
Occupation: historian, editor, writer
Nationality: American


US sf historian, author and anthologist Moskowitz was among the best known of all historians and commentators from within Genre SF. Moskowitz did more original research in this field than any other scholar of his period and few since; no later history of sf has failed to make use of Moskowitz's painstaking work, especially his research into the early History of SF.

Moskowitz was active as an editor of Anthologies and single-author collections or editions, usually solo and under his own name, though he also ghost-edited four as by Leo Margulies, two as by Roger Elwood and three as edited by Alden H Norton. In 1981, Moskowitz was given the Pilgrim Award for his multifarious accomplishments. Along with Forrest J Ackerman, he was the most significant twentieth-century American collector of sf books and memorabilia, describing his extraordinary library in "Anatomy of a Collection" (in Science/Fiction Collections: Fantasy, Supernatural & Weird Tales, anth 1984, ed Hal W Hall). Tragically, his library was dispersed after his death. In memory of his sf collecting activities, First Fandom has since 1998 presented, irregularly, the Sam Moskowitz Archive Award for excellence in sf collecting.

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