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Stina Leicht

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Stina Leicht

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Full Name: Stina Leicht
Born: March 29, 1972
St Louis, Missouri, USA
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: American


Stina Leicht was born in St. Louis, Missouri where she attended Catholic school, climbed trees, learned to skate, fought pirates and rescued her sister's dolls from terrible fates. Currently, she lives in central Texas with her husband, their shared library, too many music cds, and a cat named Sebastian. She's famous for singing too loud to punk music in her car, reading too much, taking photographs almost no one has seen, making art out of wooden cigar boxes and baking homemade apple pie from scratch. In the course of her research, she has driven really fast in rally races, taken Irish language lessons and studied Northern Irish politics. She still fights pirates but has traded her trusty wooden stick for a rapier and dagger. Of course, pirate ships being somewhat rare in central Texas, she makes do with a friend's back yard--which is fine since she gets stabbed quite a lot and would only end up tossed into the sea anyway.

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 The Fey and the Fallen

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 The Malorum Gates

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