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Richard Lee Byers

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Richard Lee Byers

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Full Name: Richard Lee Byers
Born: September 21, 1950
Florida, USA
Occupation: Writer


Richard Lee Byers holds a master's degree in Psychology. A resident of the Tampa Bay area, he worked in an emergency psychiatric facility for over a decade, then left the mental health field to become a writer. He has taught fiction writing at Hillsborough Community College. He is also a fencing and poker enthusiast. He is the author of over forty fantasy and horror novels, including many set in the Forgotten Realms universe. His recent projects include the eBook superhero series The Impostor. Byers has also written for League Entertainment's comic book series Simon Vector, with illustrator Johnny Atomic.

Works in the WWEnd Database

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 Forgotten Realms: Sembia

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 Forgotten Realms: The Haunted Lands

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 Forgotten Realms: The Sundering

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 Forgotten Realms: The Year of Rogue Dragons

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 Forgotten Realms: War of the Spider Queen

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