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Jeff Mariotte

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Jeff Mariotte

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Full Name: Jeff J. Mariotte
Born: Park Forest, Illinois, USA
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: American


Jeff Mariotte is an author who lives in Arizona. As well as his own original work, he is best known for writing novels and comic books Ties.

Mariotte was born in Park Forest, Illinois, but he moved at age six because his father, who worked for the United States Department of Defense, was transferred to Paris, France. He graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Radio/TV/Film.

He is the author of the series Witch Season and has also written many Charmed and Angel books based on the television shows. In 2006 he announced that would retire from the Angel franchise after eleven novels and eleven comics. He also created and writes the Desperadoes series of Weird West-style comic books and Graveslingers.

Recent projects include the one-shot "Presidential Material: Barack Obama," a four-issue adaptation of the film Terminator Salvation, as well as Zombie Cop a graphic novel from the Image Comics imprint Shadowline and a novella "The Strip" set in the same fictional universe. and Garrison at Wildstorm.

Besides writing, he owns his own San Diego bookstore, Mysterious Galaxy, along with his partners Maryelizabeth Hart and Terry Gilman.

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