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James B. Johnson

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James B. Johnson

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Full Name: James Blair Johnson
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: American


(1944- ) US author who began publishing sf with his first novel, Daystar and Shadow (1981), in which a Post-Holocaust USA is depicted. More interesting, though the voltage of innovation remains low, is Trekmaster (1987), set on a rediscovered colony planet whose inhabitants are divided over the issue of reunion with the Galactic Federation; included are some dynastic romance, a rite of passage and a cohabiting Alien species. Further novels in the same general vein, though showing an increasing competence, are Mindhopper (1988), dealing with Psi Powers, Habu (1989), about the dubious effects of a longevity treatment; and A World Lost (1991), a Space Opera in which, not very originally, space travel and stock car racing are seen as similar. [JC]

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