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Mike Shupp

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Mike Shupp

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Full Name: Mike Shupp
Born: November 4, 1946
Piqua, Ohio, USA
Occupation: aerospace engineer, writer
Nationality: American


US aerospace engineer and author known for his Destiny Makers sequence - With Fate Conspire (1985), Morning of Creation (1985), Soldier of Another Fortune (1988), Death's Gray Land (1991) and The Last Reckoning (1991) - featuring the exploits of a Vietnam veteran transported by Time Travel into a future where Telepaths, being despised, are trying to turn the past in their favour. A Changewar of the usual complexity ensues.

Works in the WWEnd Database

 The Destiny Makers

 1. (1985)
 2. (1986)
 3. (1988)
 4. (1991)
 5. (1991)


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