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Sleepwalker's World

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Sleepwalker's World

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Alternate Title: Sleepwalkers' World
Author: Gordon R. Dickson
Publisher: Baen, 1993
Tor, 1982
DAW Books, 1972
Lippincott, 1971

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Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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Shafts driven deep into the Earth's hot core utilized that buried energy to run the world's power station. That broadcast energy alone kept the food factories running. Without those factories and that power, the hungry, overpopulated planet could not survive.

But the cost was high, for the power broadcasts had a terrifying side-effect. While they were on, the human race was unable to stay wake.

Among the rare few with immunity to the sleep compulsion was the astronaut Rafe Arnaul Harald, one of the six who had been training on the Moon for the first star voyage. But now, unless humanity could conquer the dark power that was using the sleep phenomenon to paralyze society, that flight might never be made.

To defeat the unknown masters of the sleeping world, Rafe had only the help of a crippled girl, a wolf with a very special ability, and the unique talents of his own mind and body.


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