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The Silent City

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The Silent City

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Author: Elisabeth Vonarburg
Publisher: Women's Press, 1990
Tesseract Books, 1989
Original French publication, 1981
Series: Maerlande Chronicles: Book 1

1. The Silent City
2. In the Mothers' Land

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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Built as a refuge from a war-ravaged world outside, THE SILENT CITY is the final stronghold of science and knowledge. A self-perpetuating technology maintains the City in which only a handful of humans survive, despite rejuvenation treatments and cybernetics. Into this doomed world Elisa is born, child of her father's obsession with creating a human form with the ability to self-heal. Elisa devotes herself to her father's cause...until she begins to see the truth about the City and its occupants. Rebelling against her father/lover, Elisa discovers her unique gift for changing herself and the world around her. But time is running out. The human race is threatened by a virus that prevents the conception of male babies -- and women bear the blame. Elisa must determine her future...and the future of humanity.


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The Silent City

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