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The Kraken's Tooth

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The Kraken's Tooth

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Author: Anthony Ryan
Publisher: Subterranean Press, 2020
Series: The Seven Swords: Book 2
Book Type: Novella
Genre: Fantasy
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The great merchant city of Carthula - raised from the bones of a kraken on the whim of a goddess. Where noble houses call upon dark magic to triumph in their endless and deadly game for dominion...

Landless one-time king Guyime, once called Pilgrim but known to history as the Ravager, has survived the fall of the Execration - an event that set him on a path to find the legendary Seven Swords.

Guided by sorcery, Guyime journeys to Carthula in the centre of the First Sea to claim the mythical blade known as the Kraken's Tooth. Aided by three companions - the beast charmer Seeker, a powerful sorceress and a scholarly slave - Guyime ventures into Carthula's perilous underbelly to secure a prize guarded by ancient magics, cursed spirits, and lethal traps. But can he survive an ultimate ordeal crafted from his worst nightmares?


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The Kraken's Tooth

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