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Saturn's Child

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Saturn's Child

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Author: Nichelle Nichols
Margaret Wander Bonanno
Publisher: Ace Books, 1996
Ace/Putnam, 1995

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Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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Saturna, born on Titan, Saturn's largest moon, is a dynamic and beautiful interplanetary heroine, possessing extraordinary powers derived from her unique ancestry. Her mother, Dr. Nyota Domonique is a microbiologist and commander of the Earth ship Dragon's Egg. Leading Earth's first expedition to Titan, Nyota and her crew discover that another highly evolved species has already established a colony there. The Fazisians are a handsome, peaceful, telepathic, strikingly attractive people with steel-blue feathery hair.

Their young leader, Tetrok, heir to the Fazisian throne, falls in love with Nyota. Both know that their feelings must be subordinated to their mission and the laws of their respective worlds, and yet they violate those laws, and Saturna is the outcome. Her very existence is a dangerous secret that could cause turmoil on Fazis, and initiate interplanetary war.

Tetrok's jealous cousin Valton wants the throne for himself, and will do anything to discredit the king's favorite. Only the wise elder Krecis, who has appointed himself Saturna's mentor and protector, stands between Valton and his young charge, who holds the fate of both peoples in her small hands.


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