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Project Jove / The Hunters of Jundagai

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Project Jove / The Hunters of Jundagai

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Author: Kenneth Bulmer
John S. Glasby
Publisher: Ace Books, 1971

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Book Type: Omnibus
Genre: Science-Fiction
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Project Jove

Directive: Descend through the intolerable and correct the impossible!

Norbert Donner and Project Director Stanton have worked on Project Jove for six years, observing the work in the Jupiter surface lab by means of the Fly, a remote-controlled exploratory ship.

But their peaceful studies are suddenly disturbed by Senator Clinton Durant, a somewhat paranoid politician from Earth, who is convinced Stanton is hiding something on Jupiter's methane and ammonia clouded surface. Durant decides to ride a Fly down to the surface laboratory, a place in which no human has set foot for ten years.

No one, least of all Donner and Stanton, can convince Durant of the danger he and his two assistants will face, as the South Tropical Disturbance is moving toward an intersection with the Great Red Spot, bringing with it storms devasting even by Jupiter's standards. Into this chaos Durant must plunge, intent on questioning the surface lab robots, whom he suspects of anti-human tendencies.

But Jupiter has other plans for Durant, and he soon finds himself at the mercy of the giant planet and the very men he has accused of treachery.

The Hunters of Jundagai

Quest and quarry are one in the dimensional steeplechase.

Cy Yancey dreamt of being a big game hunter adventuring in Africa. Little did he know that stepping into an alleyway outside his rifle club would lead him to the most important hunt in his life, a hunt that would take Cy much farther than Africa, a hunt through the worlds of the Dimensions, seeking, of all things, Earth!

For Yancey, in trying to grab a cab, ends up hitching a ride with Porteur Zelda and Jorie--escapees from the power of the mysterious Contessa.

Fleeing with them, Yancey is bounced from one Dimension to another until he arrives on Jundagai, planet of the Hunters.

On Jundagai lies the answer to Yancey's dreams. The Hunt reigns supreme, through often one is not sure what the quarry is. But Jundagai holds still a great attraction. Jundagai, Yancey's prison, holds the key to home. Yancey has only to find the right lock before death finds him.


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