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The Line of Polity

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The Line of Polity

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Author: Neal Asher
Publisher: Macmillan UK, 2003
Tor, 2003
Series: Agent Cormac Series: Book 2
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Artificial Intelligence
Space Opera
Human Development
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Outlink station Miranda has been destroyed by a nanomycelium and, because of this method of sabotage, the alien bioconstruct, Dragon – a creature as untrustworthy as it is gigantic – is thought to be involved. Sent on the titanic Polity dreadnought, the Occam Razor, Agent Cormac must investigate this, and resolve the question of Masada, a world about to be subsumed when the line of polity is drawn across it.

But the biophysicist Skellor has not been captured, and controls something so potent that Polity AIs are prepared to hunt him down forever, to prevent him using it.

On Masada the rebellion can never rise above ground as the slave population is subjugated by orbital laser arrays controlled by the Theocracy in their cylinder worlds, and by the fact that they cannot leave their compounds. For the wilderness of Masada is without breathable air, and out there roam the monstrous hooders, siluroynes, and the weird and terrible gabbleducks.


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The Line of Polity

- ed.rybicki


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